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SIE Program Announcements

SIE Advising & Information Session

  • Date: Tue, May 27
  • Time: 6 – 8 p.m. (session starts promptly at 6 p.m., please be on time).
  • Location: Room 1103, Bioscience Research Building
  • Preparing for your first advising session with Dr. Presson, click here.
  • For a preview of what will be discussed, click here.
  • For a Campus Map, click here.

HPAO Committee Letter and Application Support

Students who are planning to use the HPAO Committee Letter and Application Support process are strongly encouraged to attend two workshops the academic year they will apply. For example, if a student plans to apply June 2014 they should attend the two workshops Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. The two important workshops are:

  1. Are you ready? Fall semesters
  2. Navigating the application process. Spring semesters

The workshops are given several times each semester, with Saturday times to accommodate working students:

The HPAO cannot work effectively with students who are not fully informed about the medical and dental school application process. SIE students who are planning their application process should attend both of these workshops.

JR/SR Workshop: Navigating the Application Cycle

All students planning to seek a committee letter from the HPAO for their application are expected to attend a session of the Jr/Sr workshop Navigating the Application Process. Sessions in the Spring are a continuation of the topics discussed at sessions in the fall, but there will be more detail on the application process itself. Workshop times and locations can be found at:

New SIE Coursees

STAT464 Biostatistics (Pre-requisite: one semester calculus)

Most medical schools now strongly recommend a biostatistics course. The new 2015 MCAT will have significant coverage of statistics, experimental design, and data interpretation. STAT464 will provide the right background for students to prepare for medical school and to read and interpret medical scientific studies. STAT464 is an excellent glide year course for students who have already taken the MCAT and are waiting to hear about Fall 2014 admissions.

Click here to view this course on the Spring 2014 schedule of classes. - Canceled for Spring 2014

BSCI430 Developmental Biology (Pre-requisite: BSCI330)

Having a broad range of upper level biology courses is advantages for application to all health related professional schools. BSCI430 is a high level application of cell biology to development. This course is ideal for glide year students seeking to improve their transcript and prepare for success in professional school.

Click here to view this course on the Spring 2014 schedule of classes.

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