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Master of Chemical and Life Sciences

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Program Overview

The Master of Chemical and Life Sciences (MCLFS) is an online, content-based, professional masters program designed primarily for middle and high school science teachers. The 30-credit, content-based, professional master's offers in-depth knowledge of current research areas in the biological, biochemical, and biomedical sciences. Courses cover subject matter as diverse as genetic engineering and gene therapy to chemistry, ecology and the concepts of bio-complexity. University faculty who are experts in the field will lead discussion sessions on topics of current interest with significant social impact. Topic examples include the positive and negative aspects of genetically engineered foods and their safety, the development of new energy sources and the ethical and moral issues involved in cloning and the handling of genetic information.

MCLFS provides a set of laboratory experiences that facilitates the presentation of many of these concepts in the classroom. With the exception of the laboratory experience, courses are offered exclusively online, benefiting working professionals with flexibility, convenience, and accessibility. Dynamic faculty with academic credentials and experience deliver a better understanding of major science concepts in an interactive environment.

Program Requirements

MCLFS is an online, 30-credit graduate program. Whereas most master degrees have a somewhat rigid prescription for what a student must take to earn a degree, MCLFS is quite flexible. As a teacher, you know the areas in which you need to become more current. You also have an idea about which topics you want to learn and those which will interest your students. MCLFS offers broad academic guidelines, offering you the flexibility to select the courses in which you are interested. To satisfy the program's requirements, you'll need 30 credits of courses in the following three areas:

  1. The Laboratory Experience: 6 credits
  2. The Scholarly Paper: 3 credits
  3. Course Selection: 21 credits

For complete information, including a listing of course offerings, click here.

Program Director

Dr. Bretton W. Kent, Associate Director
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Entomology, Dr. Kent serves as the program's associate director and correlates mentor student relationships for the Scholarly Paper capstone experience as well as a number of other administrative tasks.

To reach one of the academic directors, e-mail: