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Payment Policy and Due Dates

Summer Session payment policy requires full payment in accordance to the posted Summer Session Payment Deadlines. Students are responsible for checking their student account to ensure that full payment has posted. If your account has a prior balance, the University's Student Financial Services will use the Summer Session payment to cover it. This prior balance may include charges relating to financial fees, parking, the Libraries, University Health Center, etc.

Students are responsible for officially dropping a course, canceling registration, or withdrawing by the posted Academic & Financial Deadlines to avoid academic and/or financial consequences. Should complete payment not post to the student account by the payment due dates, see Consequences for Non-Payment.

When you register, tuition and fees post to your student financial account. The University’s Office of Student Financial Services oversees UMD’s billing system and generates monthly bills.

The payment due dates pertain to courses beginning with the following sections: 01**, 02**, 03**, 04**, 05**, 06**, WB**, I1**, I2**. Other section numbers are program-specific. Students should contact that program for complete information.

If You Registered Between Bill Generated Payment Due
February 22 - March 24 March 25 April 20
March 25 - April 24 April 25 May 20
April 25 - May 26 May 27 June 20
May 27 - June 24 June 25 July 20
June 25 - July 24 July 25 August 20
July 25 - August 24 August 25 September 20
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