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Course Pre-requisites & Permissions

Pre- or Co-requisite Requirements

  • For courses that list pre- or co-requisite requirements, academic units access the UMD student record to determine if these requirements have been met. Since visiting students do not submit transcripts for Summer Session admission, the academic unit will contact you directly via the email of record and request a copy of your transcript. If you do not meet these requirements or provide this information, you will be dropped from the course.

Course Blocks and Registration Permission

  • Summer Session is open enrollment and students should be able to register for most courses. There are a few academic units that do maintain course registration blocks—this is up to their discretion. To obtain registration access, you’ll need to contact the academic unit via email and request permission to register. If you are not a degree-seeking UMD student, you’ll need to have a copy of your transcript. Below is contact information for those academic units who maintain registration blocks for some of their courses. Only email this unit if the course has a restriction that limits registration to a specific major.
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