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COVID-19 Compliance Requirements

Winter Session compliance requirements adhere to the policies and procedures posted at COVID-19 Information for UMD.


COVID-19 vaccinations are required for all students, faculty and staff coming to campus for Winter Session. For complete information, see the University of Maryland’s COVID-19 Vaccine Information.

  • Although this website refers to the fall and spring semesters, these requirements are enforced for Winter Session.


Wearing a mask indoors is required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. For complete information, see Health & Safety: Coming to Campus.

Testing Requirements

See Testing and Results: Who Needs to Be Tested. There are 3 categories:

  • Unvaccinated: Must get tested twice weekly regardless of exemption status.
  • Vaccinated: Must get tested if notified of close contact (even if no symptoms).
  • Vaccinated: Do not need to be tested regularly if no notification of close contact or no symptoms.

Confirm or Request an Exemption

Confirm Vaccination Status.

  • Students must wait 24 hours AFTER registration to submit confirmation.
  • Students who are not vaccinated without an exemption will face serious and immediate consequences to their registration and enrollment status.

Request a Vaccine Exemption.

  • Given the condensed nature of Winter Session, students who test positive may miss the equivalent of 10 weeks of class. Students are strongly encouraged to confirm their vaccination status.

Registration – University Closed

  • The University of Maryland is closed December 24, 2021 through January 2, 2022. During this time, University staff will be unavailable to assist if there are issues with registration or compliance requirements. Students are encouraged to register without delay and to confirm their COVID vaccination status the next business day.


Students who need assistance on the COVID-19 compliance requirements or process should submit the COVID-19 Compliance Support Request.

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