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Course Syllabus/Instructor

Course Syllabus

There are two ways to access a course syllabus.

Syllabus Repository

  • Posted on Testudo (Schedule of Classes), the Syllabus Repository is a PDF provided by the course instructor. This is NOT the official course syllabus. Only admitted students can view this PDF. If there is not one posted, contact the course instructor. See Instructor Contact Information, below.
    1. Visit: Testudo.
    2. Select Schedule of Classes.
    3. Select the appropriate term.
    4. Select Course Listing.
    5. Select the course/department acronym, e.g., ANTH for Anthropology.
    6. Find the course.
    7. Select Syllabus Repository.
    8. Clicking on this link will show a list of syllabi associated with that term, and clicking on a syllabus from an individual instructor will display the syllabus.

Official Syllabus

  • The official course syllabus is only available to registered students and can be accessed via ELMS (Electronic Learning Management System).
  • The course instructor usually posts this information @ 48 hours prior to the first class meeting. If the course instructor doesn't post it on ELMS, they must provide a syllabus on the first day your class meets. 
  • Access ELMS.

Visiting Students Who Have Not Yet Applied

  • If you’re a visiting student that has not yet applied and been admitted, contact the instructor directly. See Instructor Contact Information, below.
  • Students who require their institution’s permission to take a course at UMD must apply by the deadlines even if your institution has not yet provided such permission. See Apply & Deadlines - Undergraduates.

Instructor Contact Information

See Faculty, Staff, and Student Directory.

  • Enter the instructor’s last name.
  • For multiple search results, determine the department associated with the course.
  • Questions? Use the OES contact form. Include your full name, UID (if known), and a complete statement regarding the requested action.
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