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SIE Announcements

Parking Alert: Sports events may disrupt parking plans for any semester. Check with UMD’s Department of Transportation for such information.

Join the Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO) Listserv: The HPAO shares important information about events, volunteer opportunities, advising, and more! To Subscribe: Send an email to listserv@listserv.umd.edu; Leave the subject line blank; In text area write: Subscribe premedadvising + your name.

Workshops: Check with the Reed-Yorke Health Professions Advising Office to determine the times and locations of workshops designed to prepare you for the application cycle.

Attend an Information Session: Dr. Presson will hold an Information Session on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Bioscience Research Building (BRB) room 1103. The SIE Information Session reviews the overall program, plans of study, requirements, and other basic components. Students who attend the Information Session may use this to fulfill the mandatory advising requirement upon admission.

UMD MCAT Preparation Program: Connect with Maryland faculty and position yourself for MCAT® success. In this unique program, University experts guide you towards mastery of the high level concepts expressed in the MCAT®. The MCAT® asks students to “think like a scientist.” With our MCAT Preparation Program, you’ll experience high level learning and acquire the necessary skills for MCAT® success. The program is open to all interested students. LEARN MORE.

Pre-Med/Pre-Health Emergency & Wilderness Medicine: The Costa Rica Emergency & Wilderness Medicine Program course allows students to explore the beautiful Pacific Coast of Costa Rica while learning from physicians who work all over the world. This hands-on introduction to emergency, wilderness, and global health gives students a head start with their careers in health care. Early Bird Discount available. For more information visit: http://www.coloradowm.org/courses/pre-med/costa-rica/

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