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Provisional Admission

Provisional Admission Overview

Qualified SIE applicants receive provisional admission as non-degree seeking undergraduates and are coded with specific SIE major code information. With provisional admission, a registration block is placed on the student account. To receive full admission and to remove the block, students must fulfill the requirements listed below. Once you’ve successfully completed steps 1, 2, and 3, the registration block will be removed and you’ll receive an email with instructions how to register. You’ll have until the first day of classes to complete step 4.  

  1. Set-Up Your UMD Accounts
  2. Mandatory Academic Advising
  3. Math Placement Test(MPT)
  4. Health Requirement

#1: Set-up Your UMD Accounts

Activate the Directory ID

The Directory ID is a username (with passcode) that grants access to UMD resources. Newly admitted students must Activate Account (Directory ID).You’ll need the Last Five Digits of Your SSN. If you didn’t use your SSN to apply, you’ll need the computer-generated, UMD-assigned Student Identification Number [SID]. Contact

Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

To access online UMD resources such as Testudo (UMD’s online Schedule of Classes), registration services, library services, ELMS, and more, you must enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). On that website, you’ll learn how to enroll, obtain assistance, and review FAQs.

#2: Mandatory Academic Advising Requirement

Provisionally admitted SIE students must attend an advising session. Upon admission, students have an advising block which prevents registration until this requirement is fulfilled. Students may Schedule an Appointment or attend the Information Session.

    A. Schedule an Appointment (after admission)

    B. Attend an Information Session (before OR after admission)

    The SIE Information Session reviews the overall program, plans of study, requirements, and other basic components. Students who attend the Information Session may use this to fulfill the mandatory advising requirement upon admission.

    The next information session will be held as follows:

    • Upcoming SIE Advising-Information Session: TBA

    C. Prepare for Advising Session

    #3: Math Placement Test (MPT) Requirement

    *Note: The MPT must be completed no later than August 15.

    Math and science courses at UMD require a high degree of math proficiency. Students who seek full admission into SIE must demonstrate proficiency in mathematics through the online Math Placement Test (MPT). 

    The MPT has four sections: arithmetic, algebra 1, algebra 2; and trigonometry. Students must score 90% or higher on arithmetic and algebra, and 50% or higher on trigonometry to take SIE courses. Students may take breaks between the sections, but all sections must be completed within one given day.

    A newly admitted SIE student may take the Math Placement Test no more than twice. Any retake must include all four parts of the test. To reset the test for a retake, students must email If a student does not meet criteria after two attempts they should take a pre-calculus course, either at UMD or elsewhere, and postpone registration in SIE until a later semester. Such a student will be required to take the math test again before enrolling in a later semester.

    To learn more and to take the MPT, visit the Math Placement Test Information.

    #4: Health Requirement (complete by first day of classes)

    Submit Medical History and Immunization Record Form

    • All newly admitted students must submit the Medical History and Immunization Record Form. Failure to submit the completed form before the first day of your first semester at UMD results in a registration block on your student record, preventing you from registering for the upcoming semester. Only the University Health Center can remove this block. Questions regarding UMD’s immunization policy or the form may be directed to the University Health Center at 301-314-8182.

    Opt out of Student Health Insurance Plan

    • Post-baccalaureate students have the option, but are not required, to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan. Registered students, however, may receive an email stating that the health insurance plan is required and that, unless a student opts out, the student will be automatically enrolled and billed. It is your responsibility to take action. Students who receive this email and/or are incorrectly billed, MUST contact the University Health Center at or 301-314-8180. A student who receives such an email may opt out online at The University may not be held liable for any charges incurred for health insurance coverage.

    Other Considerations

    Set-up TERPmail and Email of Record

    Email is UMD’s official means of communication. Faculty and staff use the email on your student record (Email of Record) for all correspondences. Once the Directory ID is activated, all students should activate their TERPmail account.

    If you opted not to set-up TERPMail, the email of record is the one you used in the application process. Students are responsible for checking their email and responding in a timely fashion. UMD assumes no responsibility for the delivery of these electronic messages. Check your spam folder. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain current contact information. To change your email of record, visit: Testudo and click on Change Address/Email.

    Obtain Your Student ID Card

    To obtain a photo Student ID card, visit Customer Services, First Floor Mitchell Building, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Bring a government-issued photo id for identification purposes. Visit the Registrar's website to learn more about student ID card policies. For location assistance, see Campus Map.

    Learn Your UID

    9-digit University Identification Number that is printed on the Student ID Card or can be found by viewing your University Directory Entry. Always include this number when communicating with faculty or staff, since this is the best and quickest way to find your record in any UMD system. 

    To access your University Directory Entry, you’ll need the Last Five Digits of Your SSN. If you didn’t use your SSN to apply, you’ll need the computer-generated, UMD-assigned Student Identification Number [SID]. Contact

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