Post-Baccalaureate Programs

Registration Overview

  • Registration Dates: See Academic & Financial Deadlines
  • Post-Baccalaureate Programs registration is limited to programs-admitted students only.
  • Course pre-requisites are verified through the official transcript(s). If not met, students are administratively canceled.
  • Lab course section meetings begin after the first lecture.
  • Students who do not plan to take courses in a fall or spring semester must submit a Petition for Waiver of Continuous Registration for each semester of non-attendance. If you fail to register or submit the waiver, you must re-apply and submit payment for the application fee.
    • Deadline to submit: The last day of schedule adjustment for the semester of non-attendance. See Academic & Financial Deadlines for schedule adjustment dates.

Section Information

Course section numbers for Post-Baccalaureate Programs are as follows:

  • HESPIE: Begins with PBH*
    • Note:  Online delivery section begins with PDH*.
  • SIE: Begins with SEF* (fall); SES* (spring)
    • Note:  Online delivery section begins with PDS*.

General Registration Instructions

  1. Visit: Testudo
  2. Select Registration (Drop/Add)
  3. Log in using your directory ID and password
  4. Select the appropriate term and year.
  5. Enter the course(s) and section number(s) into the Drop/Add table and click Submit Changes.
  6. If the course is closed, the system will ask you if you want to be placed on the Waitlist/Holdfile (see below).
  7. Once you register for all of your courses, click on View Schedule for a printable course schedule.

Waitlist Instructions

  1. Follow steps 1 through 5 listed in the General Registration Instructions.
  2. You’ll get the message about the course being closed. To add yourself to the waitlist/holdfile, click Add to Waitlist.
  3. Read the message regarding the waitlist process and click Confirm.
  4. Select the section(s) you want to waitlist and click Add to Waitlist.
  5. If open sections are available, click the Open Sections tab and select which section you would like to add and then click the Select button. NOTE: If you do not type the section number, the system will tell you that there are no open sections for that course and will not give you a waitlist option.
  6. Remember to periodically check the waitlist (from Testudo).
  7. Once the semester starts, you must check the waitlist every day during the schedule adjustment period or else you will be removed from the waitlist.

Checking the Waitlist Instructions

  1. Visit: Testudo
  2. Click on Waitlist Check-In.
  3. Log in using your Directory ID and Password.
  4. By logging in you have checked the waitlist. You will see the courses that you waitlisted and your position on the waitlist. If you have received a space in the course, it will note that the course was added to your schedule.

Course Textbooks

Textbook requirements are posted by the instructor, usually three weeks prior to the course start date. Your course may or may not require a textbook, and you will need to periodically check the link below to see if the instructor has posted a textbook. Textbooks may be purchased from any textbook store or online vendor.

  1. Visit: Testudo
  2. Select Schedule of Classes.
  3. Select the appropriate term.
  4. Select Course Listing.
  5. Select the course/department acronym, e.g., ANTH for Anthropology.
  6. Find the course.
  7. Select Books.

Course Syllabi 

UMD maintains a Syllabus Repository by term/session and course. Posted on Testudo (online Schedule of Classes), the Syllabus Repository is a PDF provided by the course instructor. 

If the course/section instructor has not posted a PDF, contact the instructor directly. 

  • Visit:
  • Enter the instructor’s last name
  • For multiple search results: Determine the department associated with the course.
  • Questions? Contact

Course Grades 

The University uses plus/minus grading.

Grades are not mailed. To view your grades, see Online Transactions: Grades (View Your Current Grades) approximately one week after finals.

Course grades post to the official UMD transcript. See Learn More on Transcripts.

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