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Advising-Information Session

Advising & Academic Director

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Dr. Joelle C. Presson, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs, College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences, serves as the SIE Academic Director. Dr. Presson oversees all academics and advising. She and her staff select and review instructors, advise students, and ensures the program’s overall quality. SIE advising supports students to begin preparation for a new career, helping students find their way. SIE advising assists with course load and course selection, preparation for MCAT, DAT and other professional and graduate school entrance exams, the application process for professional and graduate schools, and other academic issues.

Provisional Admission Overview

Qualified applicants receive provisional admission as non-degree seeking undergraduates and are coded with specific major code information. Provisionally-admitted SIE students must fulfill the requirements listed below. Blocks preventing registration are placed on the student account until requirements are fulfilled. In addition, newly admitted students must fulfill UMD’s health requirement.

Mandatory Academic Advising

Newly admitted SIE students must attend an advising session. Students have an advising block which prevents registration until this requirement is fulfilled. Students may attend the Advising-Information Session or schedule an Advising Appointment. All students should review the materials under Getting Ready for Your First Advising Session.

Advising-Information Session: Session starts promptly; please be on time.

  • Spring 2017 Session: April 13, 2017; 6-8:00 p.m.; Room 1103, BioScience Research Building

Advising Appointment: If you cannot attend an advising session, Schedule an Appointment:

Getting Ready for Your First Advising Session

  1. Review Preparing for 1st Advising Session.
  2. Review Advising-Information Session PowerPoint.
  3. Campus Map.

Math Placement Exam (MPE)

To take the online MPE, click here.

  • If you experience problems, contact place@math.umd.edu.
  • Results post to your student record within 48 hours. To obtain your results, e-mail oes@umd.edu.
  • MPE Availability: Fall admits: @ April 1; Spring admits: @ November 1

All newly admitted students must take the online Math Placement Exam (MPE) and achieve a minimum score, i.e., attaining eligibility to take Calculus 1. UMD science courses (biology, chemistry, physics) require a high working facility with mathematics. A MATH block prevents registration for any SIE course until this requirement is fulfilled. For a detailed description as well as a sample test, preparation tools, and re-taking the test, click here.

The minimum score does not guarantee success in SIE courses. Any student who has not had a recent, strong, pre-calculus course is encouraged to complete such a course prior to registering for SIE courses. SIE students may register for daytime math sections beginning on the first day of classes, space available basis. SIE students who register for non-SIE courses prior to the first day of classes will be canceled with no prior notice. Students may also look for math courses at UMUC (umuc.edu) and at local community colleges.

Do not delay taking the MPE. It takes up to 72 hours for results to post to the student record. There may be access issues as well. If you do not complete the MPE or if you do not score sufficiently, the registration block will not be removed and you may not attend class. All SIE registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Students should set aside a full two-hour block of time to complete the test, with only short breaks between sections.

Accessibility Support Services Accommodations: Students who receive testing accommodations must contact UMD’s Accessibility Support Services and make arrangements to take the paper test. The online MPE is not available to students who receive accommodations for testing.

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