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Advising & Academic Director

Mentoring and advisement is an essential part of the program. Students meet with faculty and the program director to ensure that educational goals are being met. Prospective students are urged to consult with Dr. James V. Green, Director, via e-mail:

Plan of Study

MPS-CI is a 30-credit, 10-course graduate program that may be completed in 15 months by enrolling in two 3-credit courses over the course of five 12-week terms. Students apply and are admitted as a cohort (fall or spring) and should follow the plan of study as outlined below. The MPS prepares students to:

  • Think beyond current paradigms in order to discover innovation needs and envision impact through strategic idea and concept development (1st Term of Matriculation).
  • Leverage their ideas for new corporate ventures to create sustainable business models aligned with customer needs and wants in competitive marketplaces (2nd Term of Matriculation).
  • Understand the value of data collection and analysis for decision making, and how to translate product and service ideas into marketable solutions (3rd Term of Matriculation).
  • Understand how to manage commercialization challenges efficiently and effectively through negotiations and problem solving (4th Term of Matriculation).
  • Understand how to lead the creation and launch of corporate ventures through appropriate business development, risk management, financing, and value extraction strategies (5th Term of Matriculation).
MPS in Corporate Innovation: Plan of Study
Course Required Courses Order of Matriculation Fall Cohort: Term Offered Spring Cohort: Term Offered
ENES662 Innovative Ideas and Concept Development 1st Term I (Fall) III (Spring)
ENES663 Strategies for Managing Innovation 1st Term I (Fall) III (Spring)
ENES664 Business Modeling and Customer Validation 2nd Term II (Winter) IV (Summer)
ENES665 Innovative Thinking 2nd Term II (Winter) IV (Summer)
ENES6XX Data Analysis and Decision Making 3rd Term III (Spring) I (Fall)
ENES6XX Managing Product Development and Production 3rd Term III (Spring) I (Fall)
ENES6XX Marketing and Selling Innovations 4th Term IV (Summer) II (Winter)
ENES6XX Negotiating and Problem Solving 4th Term IV (Summer) II (Winter)
ENES6XX Financing Innovation and Growth 5th Term I (Fall) III (Spring)
ENES6XX Building and Leading Innovative Organizations 5th Term I (Fall) III (Spring)

Course Descriptions

ENES662 Innovative Ideas and Concept Development, 3 credits. Focuses on the content, methods, and models for new venture opportunity assessment and analysis. Learn how to identify and analyze entrepreneurial opportunities for technology-based ventures by first understanding their personal self and decision-making factors. Examine how to evaluate the opportunities and challenges within industries and markets of interest.

ENES663 Strategies for Managing Innovation, 3 credits. Emphasizes how innovative leaders can use strategic management of innovation to enhance firm performance. Understand the process of technological change; the ways that firms come up with innovations; the strategies that firms use to benefit from innovation; and the process of formulating technology strategy. Provides frameworks for analyzing key aspects of these industries and teaches students how to apply these frameworks.

ENES664 Business Modeling and Customer Validation, 3 credits. Focuses on how to create and deliver value for customers and how to sustainably extract value for the venture. Develop business models that encompass the product or service, customers, and the economic engine that will deliver on venture objectives.

ENES665 Innovative Thinking, 3 credits. Introduces tools to boost creative problem solving skills. Rediscover personal thinking preferences, identify and eliminate mental blocks, and enhance communication and teaming skills. Unlock their creative potential, and explore win-win approaches to problem solving.

ENES6XX Data Analysis and Decision Making, 3 credits.

ENES6XX Managing Product Development and Production, 3 credits.

ENES6XX Marketing and Selling Innovations, 3 credits.

ENES6XX Negotiating and Problem Solving, 3 credits.

ENES6XX Financing Innovation and Growth, 3 credits.

ENES6XX Building and Leading Innovative Organizations, 3 credits.

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