Multimedia Journalism

Plan of Study & Outcomes

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Plan of Study

The GC in Multimedia Journalism is a 12-credit graduate program designed to be completed in 12 months of continuous enrollment as outlined in the plan of study, below.  Students should use the guide below to develop a plan with the program director. 

The program features both seminar-style, face to face and online learning.  Face to face classes meet at the College Park campus. Online courses meet using a synchronous format and UMD’s online learning environment delivers online content through easy to use web-based technology that enables learning in an engaging, interactive environment.

The program uses the semester academic calendar: 16-week fall and spring semester. See Approved Semester Calendars for a specific academic year start and end dates.  

Specific class meeting information (days and time) is posted on UMD’s online schedule of classes, Testudo

GC, Plan of Study: Fall Admission
Semester Course # Title On Campus Sections Begin With Online Sections Begin With Course Credits TTL Credits Per Term
Fall JOUR604 Introduction to Media Skills PCJ* PWJ* 3 6
JOUR652 Interactive Design and Development PCJ* PWJ* 3
Spring JOUR623 Mobile Journalism PCJ* PWJ* 3 6
JOUR455 Media Entrepreneurship PCJ* PWJ* 3
Schedule of Course Offerings
Semester Course # On Campus Sections Begin With Online Sections Begin With Day Time
Fall JOUR604 PCJ* PWJ* Saturday 8:30 am-12:15 pm
JOUR652 PCJ* PWJ* Saturday 1:30-5:15 pm
Spring JOUR623 PCJ* PWJ* Saturday 8:30 am-12:15 pm
JOUR455 PCJ* PWJ* Saturday 1:30-5:15 pm

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the GC in Multimedia Journalism, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate facility with digital news and storytelling by using a variety of techniques, formats, and media platforms as appropriate.
  • Use to best advantage the news and storytelling technologies currently available for digital publishing—technologies that include but are not limited to the internet and an assortment of mobile devices.
  • Master basic skills needed to convey messages via digital video, audio, photography, blogging, mobile feeds, and interactive web editing and publishing.
  • Apply in all digital publishing the critical journalistic values of editorial, ethical, and legal care and excellence.
  • Demonstrate understanding of processes and conditions needed for successful communication with today’s multimedia consumers and audiences.
  • Articulate the need for constant education and re‐education in today’s changing media environment.

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