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Graduate Programs in Applied Economics

Organizations and agencies need program and policy analysts who are skilled in evidence-based quantitative methods, and who can apply economic research. Our professional Graduate Programs in Applied Economics focus on building enhanced analytical skills and decision-making proficiency. Offered at two convenient locations, Washington, D.C. or College Park, Maryland, the programs—master’s and graduate certificate—offer graduate-level quantitative skills and training in economic modeling for professionals who seek to gain a significant, valuable advantage for career advancement. Graduate Programs in Applied Economics is offered through the Department of Economics in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. The Department offers additional program information on their website

The Master of Professional Studies in Applied Economics (MPS) is a 30-credit (ten 3-credit courses) program has five core courses (15 credits) and five field courses (15 credits). The MPS provides training in economic reasoning, formulating and estimating economic models and forecasting, and utilizing quantitative methods to evaluate policy proposals and programs. The MPS emphasizes empirical skills, particularly data analysis and interpretation, with respect to economic and public policy applications. Focusing on the application of modern economic tools to the analysis of public policy questions, the MPS emphasizes the role of econometric analysis and economic policy analysis with a particular focus on real-world examples, data manipulation and management and modeling.

The Graduate Certificate of Professional Studies in Economic Analysis (GC) is a 15-credit (five 3-credit courses) program that offers enhances quantitative and analytical skills and deepens the understanding of economic analysis. The GC focuses on the role of econometric analysis in policy with particular focus on empirical skills, particularly data collection, manipulation, and management.

Graduate Programs in Applied Economics offers the master’s degree or graduate certificate at two locations: Washington, D.C. (WDC) or College Park, Maryland (UMCP). The UMCP and the WDC formats use different academic calendars. The UMCP format uses the traditional semester-based, 16-week, academic calendar; the WDC format uses a quarter term system, 12-week, academic calendar. Both formats offer the exact same curriculum and courses. Both formats feature seminar-style, face to face learning with instruction provided by Department of Economics faculty and experts in the field. Except for the 12-week Summer Term, students admitted into one format (UMCP or WDC) may not register for courses in the other format. Courses in the UMCP format meet at the UMD College Park campus. Courses in the WDC format meet at 1400 16th Street, NW, Washington D.C.

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