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Plan of Study: MPS in Applied Entomology

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Plan of Study

The MPS in Applied Entomology is a 30-credit graduate program designed to be completed in 15 months of full-time study.  Full-time students enroll in two 3-credit courses over the course of five 12-week terms.  Part-time enrollment is welcome.  Students should note if a course has a pre-requisite or co-requisite.  Below is an example of a full time plan of study for fall admission.  Students should use this as a guide to develop a plan with the program director.

The program uses the term academic calendar:  I (fall), II (winter), III (spring), IV (summer). See Approved Term Calendars for a specific academic year start and end dates. Online content is delivered through UMD’s online learning environment.

To determine in which term a specific course is offered (particularly electives), see Curriculum Outline, below. Specific class meeting information 

Plan of Study, MPS in Applied Entomology: Full Time, Fall Admission
Term Offered Year of Study Course # Sections Begin With Course Credit TTL Credits Per Term
I 1 ENTM710 PLE* 3 6
ENTM745 PLE* 3
II 1 ENTM730 PLE* 3 6
ENTM747 PLE* 3
III 1 ENTM*** PLE* 3 6
ENTM*** PLE* 3
IV 1 ENTM*** PLE* 3 6
ENTM*** PLE* 3
I 2 ENTM760 PLE* 3 6
ENTM780* PLE* 3

Curriculum Outline

The MPS in Applied Entomology has a 30-credit, 10-course curriculum that focuses on the importance of insects and their role in various ecosystems. The program integrates aspects of biochemistry, molecular biology and evolution theory with ecology using insects as a model. Students learn about the physiological and ecological interactions between insects and pathogens and the various approaches for insect control. Students develop skills and knowledge required for critical thinking for best practices to improve management strategies for agriculture and the control of insect vectors of human and plant disease, while promoting pollinator health.

Term Offered Course # Course Title Sections Begin With
I ENTM710 Insect Biodiversity, Physiology and Ecology (core) PLE*
ENTM745 Bee Biology and Beekeeping PLE*
ENTM760 Insects in the 21st Century (core) PLE*
ENTM780* Capstone Course (Scholarly paper, core) PLE*
II ENTM730 Plant Diagnostics PLE*
ENTM747 Pollinator Health PLE*
III ENTM720 Native, Invasive, and Exotic Species (core) PLE*
ENTM725 IPM Practices PLE*
ENTM740 Organic Practices PLE*
ENTM746 Commercial Beekeeping PLE*
ENTM750 Urban Pests PLE*
IV ENTM735 Sustainability PLE*
ENTM748 The history and culture of bees and beekeepers PLE*
ENTM755 Designing an Urban Garden PLE*
ENTM756 Insect Diseases and Pathology (core) PLE*

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