Graduate Studies in Interpreting and Translation

Plan of Study, Translation—Graduate Certificate

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Plan of Study

The Graduate Certificate in Translation (GC-Translation) provides one-year, 21-credit of full-time core training in the fundamental skills of translation, translation for specific domains, translation studies, the translation profession, intercultural communication, and background knowledge in at least one of the following communication contexts: political communication, legal communication, health communication, or specific domains that correspond to demands of specific language markets.

Students enroll in 10 to 11-credits in the fall semester; 10 to 11-credits in the spring semester as detailed in the plan of study, below.  Students should use the plan of study as a guide to develop individual plans with the program director.  Specific meet information may be found on Testudo, UMD’s online schedule of classes. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completion of the GC-Translation, students should be able to:

  • Perform as a translator in professional settings (e.g., effective use of time, tools, and resources for translation assignments, workload management, coordination and cooperation with colleagues, effective and constructive self-assessment of performance, ability to provide constructive peer feedback)
  • Use computer-assisted translation tools
  • Possess working knowledge on topics that characterize private and public-sector settings in the respective language combination
  • Understand the history, current developments, procedures and practices of representative organizations and institutions that provide or use interpreting services

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