Frederick Center for Research and Education

in Science and Technology (CREST)


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CREST Overview

UMD and the Frederick Center for Research and Education in Science and Technology (CREST) have collaborated to offer credit-bearing courses that are within the curriculum of MCLFS. The mission of CREST is to provide a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)-based research and education hub that enhances access to graduate degree and certificate programs to meet the workforce and economic development needs of regional employers in Frederick County, Maryland. 

By offering a selection of MCLFS courses at CREST, UMD helps address these workforce needs as well as connects students to the university’s research excellence. Whereas courses in MCLFS are offered online, courses offered at CREST use a blended learning format. All MCLFS-UMD policies and procedures pertain including calendars and deadlines, academic policies, online learning, tuition and fees, and payment policy. Before deciding to enroll, students are advised to review the information related to MCLFS.

Enrollment Instructions

To access courses offered at CREST, a student must be admitted into MCLFS. A student may determine not to complete the degree, but in order to register for a course, students must be admitted. To enroll, follow these instructions:

  1. Apply.
    • Visit Apply. When on that page, click on the program code CLFS which takes you to the Graduate School MCLFS application page.
  2. Register.
    • Upon admission, you’ll be sent an email with registration instructions. Courses offered at CREST use section code PLC* and appear on Testudo (online Schedule of Classes). Visit Registration for complete information.
  3. Submit Payment.
    • Upon registration, MCLFS Tuition & Fees post to the student account. The student is responsible for ensuring that payment posts by the deadlines, even if relying on another entity. Visit Payment & Aid for complete information. 
  4. For academic advising, email Dr. Bretton W. Kent, MCLFS Director:
  5. Other questions? Contact

MCLF Courses Offered at CREST

CLFS609K Current Topics in Biomedical Research, section PLCR


The location for MCLFS courses offered at CREST is Tuscarora High School, 5312 Ballenger Creek Pike, Frederick, MD 21703.

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