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Online Learning Overview & Definitions

ELMS (Enterprise Learning Management System) is the online environment that supports most online teaching and learning at UMD. ELMS provides access to static course content (e.g., syllabi, schedules, announcements, and lecture notes), as well as access to interactive tools (e.g., discussion groups, live chats, and online assessments) for face-to-face, blended, or online programs.

UMD offers the following types of online courses:

  • Asynchronous: Student is NOT required to login at a specific time and participate in course activities, and access and complete course work at any time during the defined length of a course. An asynchronous course will have this notation: Class time/details on ELMS.
  • Synchronous: Student is required to login at a specific time and includes with live instruction and engagement among program participants. A synchronous course will indicate this information either within the course description or list a specific online meeting time.
  • Blended: Student is required to attend class meetings or exams on campus as well as to participate in an online element. This online element will have the notation Class time/details on ELMS (meaning that the instructor will let you know) or it will have a specific online meeting time listed.

Accessing ELMS

Access ELMS

  • Course content loaded no earlier than 48 hours prior to the course start date. Some course instructors may wait until the first day of class to grant access.

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