Risk, Compliance, and the Law

Advising & Plan of Study

Advising | Plan of Study

Program Advising

Mentoring and advisement is an essential part of the MPS program. Students meet with faculty and the program director to ensure that educational and vocational goals are being met. Prospective students are urged to consult with the program academic advisor Sally S. Simpson, Director of the Center for the Study of Business Ethics, Regulation, & Crime, via e-mail: ssimpson@umd.edu.

Plan of Study

The Graduate Certificate in Risk, Compliance, and the Law (GC) is a 12-credit (four 3-credit courses) graduate program that provides training and knowledge in the interdisciplinary fields of business law, ethics, criminology, and accounting. The program focuses on forensic audit investigations, software utilization as applied to discerning potentially fraudulent activity, and a detailed understanding of businesses’ legal obligations and the origin and consequences of non-compliance.

GC in Risk, Compliance, and the Law features the convenience and flexibility of online instruction provided by UMD faculty and experts in the field. Online content is delivered through UMD’s online learning environment. The program uses the term academic calendar. There are four 12-week terms: I (fall), II (winter), III (spring), IV (summer).  Students complete course work in 11 weeks; week 12 is reserved for finals. GC in Risk, Compliance, and the Law is designed to be completed in 12 months; students complete one 3-credit course per term, following the plan of study as outlined below.

GC in Risk, Compliance, and the Law
Course Title Term
BERC601 White-Collar Crime and Cyber Victimization I
BERC600 Legal and Regulatory Compliance II
BERC602 Accounting and Its Uses in the Forensic Process III
BERC603 Investigative Tools and Data Analysis IV

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