Technology Entrepreneurship at UMD

Advising & Overview

Advising | Overview 


Mentoring and advisement is an essential part of the program. Students meet with faculty and the program director to ensure that educational goals are being met. Prospective students are urged to consult with Dr. James V. Green, Director, via email:

Admitted students are required to maintain continuous enrollment for courses as outlined in the plan of study. Graduate School policy stipulates a five-year Time Limitation for completing a master’s degree. Circumstances may arise when students cannot continuously dedicate time to the program. In such cases, students making satisfactory progress may receive a Waiver of Continuous Registration or Leave of Absence. The time taken on an approved leave of absence is not included in the time limitation for degree completion.


MPS-Technology Entrepreneurship is a 30-credit, 9-course online graduate program committed to teaching the disciplines of entrepreneurial thinking that produce not just entrepreneurial inspirations but an entrepreneurial frame of mind. The program empowers students to:

  • Think beyond current paradigms in order to discover innovation needs and to envision impact through strategic idea and concept development (1st Term of Matriculation).
  • Leverage ideas to create sustainable business models aligned with customer needs and wants in competitive marketplaces (2nd Term of Matriculation).
  • Manage commercialization challenges and market launch efficiently and effectively (3rd Term of Matriculation).
  • Navigate the legal aspects of product development and company launch and build sound financial and accounting strategies and practices (4th Term of Matriculation).
  • Know how to accelerate growth and create sustainable value through appropriate business development, risk management, financing, and value extraction strategies (5th Term of Matriculation).

MPS-Technology Entrepreneurship features the convenience and flexibility of online instruction provided by UMD faculty and experts in the field. Online content is delivered through UMD’s online learning environment. The program uses the term academic calendar. There are four 12-week terms: I (fall), II (winter), III (spring), IV (summer).  Students complete course work in 11 weeks; week 12 is reserved for finals.

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