Technology Entrepreneurship at UMD

Course Descriptions

ENES662 Innovative Ideas and Concept Development, 3 credits. Focuses on the content, methods, and models for new venture opportunity assessment and analysis. Learn how to identify and analyze entrepreneurial opportunities for technology-based ventures by first understanding their personal self and decision-making factors. Examine how to evaluate the opportunities and challenges within industries and markets of interest.

ENES663 Strategies for Managing Innovation, 3 credits. Emphasizes how innovative leaders can use strategic management of innovation to enhance firm performance. Understand the process of technological change; the ways that firms come up with innovations; the strategies that firms use to benefit from innovation; and the process of formulating technology strategy. Provides frameworks for analyzing key aspects of these industries and teaches students how to apply these frameworks.

ENES664 Business Modeling and Customer Validation, 3 credits. Focuses on how to create and deliver value for customers and how to sustainably extract value for the venture. Develop business models that encompass the product or service, customers, and the economic engine that will deliver on venture objectives.

ENES665 Innovative Thinking, 3 credits. Introduces tools to boost creative problem solving skills. Rediscover personal thinking preferences, identify and eliminate mental blocks, and enhance communication and teaming skills. Unlock their creative potential, and explore win-win approaches to problem solving.

ENES666 Creative Design, Prototyping, and Testing, 3 credits. Enables students to transition from creative, innovative, design thinking methods to prototyping and concept testing their products and services. Emphasis is placed on an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to engineering design, concurrent engineering, design for manufacturing, industrial design, and the business of new product development.

ENES667 Market Development and Commercialization, 3 credits. Provides an orientation to key marketing concepts critical to marketing technology-based products and services. Identify market opportunities, understand customer preferences, evaluate market acceptance, and devise the appropriate going to market strategies.

ENES670 Financial Management and New Venture Financing, 3 credits. Provides the essential tools and know-how to build a strong financial foundation for a new technology venture. Examines accounting principles as well as methods for keeping firm financial control of your enterprise. Insights are shared on navigating financial barriers as well as how to raise the right amount of capital at the right time from the right source.

ENES671 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship, 3 credits. Highlights the critical legal and business issues entrepreneurs face as they build and launch a new venture. Explore real world scenarios, and address legal and business issues from ideation to all of the important junctures along the path to success. Significant attention is placed on new venture formation, intellectual property management, and financing arrangements.

ENES672 Launching Technology Startup Ventures, 6 credits. Helps students to learn the processes and skills needed to launch and manage technology startup ventures. Students learn how to apply best practices for planning, launching, and managing new companies. Students will discuss a wide range of issues of importance and concern to technology entrepreneurs, to include how to navigate uncertainty.

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