Your Freshman Year

Starts This Fall

Enrolled Students: Next Steps

We’re happy that you’ve chosen to attend the University of Maryland this fall!

Below are steps you'll need to complete or review prior to the first day of classes. Failure to comply by the associated deadline may result in a registration block on your student record or unwanted charges posting to your student account.

Step 1: Comply with UMD Health RequirementsStep 2: Complete Alcohol EDU, Prescription Drug Abuse and Sexual Misconduct TrainingStep 3: Review UMD PoliciesStep 4: Get Involved!Spacer image

Step 1: Comply with UMD Health Requirements

Medical History and Immunization Record

UMD requires that all incoming freshmen submit the Medical History and Immunization Record Form to the University Health Center.

  • Submission Deadline: August 23.
  • Failure to submit the form by this date results in a registration block on your student record, preventing you from registering for the spring semester.
  • Questions regarding UMD’s immunization policy or the form should be directed to the University Heath Center at 301-314-8182.

Mandatory UMD Health Insurance

UMD requires that all incoming freshmen registered for 6 or more credits have health insurance. Students who do not submit an approved waiver form (see below) before the deadline will be automatically charged and enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan. Once enrolled there are no refunds or cancellations.

  • Incoming domestic freshmen may waive coverage contingent upon proof of comparable coverage.
    • To Waive Coverage:
    • Submission Deadline: August 23.
    • Failure to submit the waiver by this date results in the student being automatically enrolled and billed for the University-sponsored plan. Once enrolled, there is no cancellation, credit, or refund.
  • Incoming international freshmen are automatically enrolled and cannot waive out of coverage.
  • For information on this health insurance plan, including premiums and coverage periods, see Questions? Email or call 301-314-8165.

Step 2: Complete Wellness Training

All incoming freshmen must complete Wellness Training, a series of online courses in Alcohol Education, Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention, and Sexual Assault Prevention. The Division of Student Affairs sends instructions to complete this training at the end of July to the email associated with your student record. Failure to complete this online training before the first day of fall semester results in a registration block on the student record, preventing registration for the spring semester. To update your contact information, see Mailing or Email Address Change.

The University of Maryland has implemented a required online training for students about sexual misconduct. New students entering in the Fall 2019 semester will receive their assignment emails 3 to 4 weeks prior to the start of the semester (so, in late July or early August).

Step 3: Review University Policies

Students who enroll in Freshmen Connection are subject to all University Policies and Guidelines. See Policies and Guidelines for Current Students on the Registrar's website and UMD Administration Policies. You should review these policies and understand your obligations as a University of Maryland student.

The Office of Student Conduct has useful information on Plagiarism, Code of Academic Integrity, Sexual Misconduct Policy, Responsible Action Policy, Code of Student Conduct, and Residence Hall Rules and Policies.

Step 4: Get Involved this Fall!

Interested in working on campus? Many campus employers want to hear from you now!

Explore UMD’s campus organizations and events for the many opportunities available to enrich your life during your time at Maryland! Start the fall semester with a plan to get involved!

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