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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freshmen Connection?

Freshmen Connection is a fall semester academic program open to students who confirm spring admission to the University of Maryland. Students may take up to 17 credits of UMD courses and get on track to graduate in four years. Courses are taught by University of Maryland faculty. Courses and grades earned are recorded on the student's Maryland transcript and count toward the University of Maryland undergraduate degree.

What are the main differences between Freshmen Connection and the regular fall semester?

Freshmen Connection offers a selection of UMD courses that help fulfill undergraduate major and University general education requirements. Courses meet in campus classrooms, 3-9 p.m., Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on Fridays. In addition, all FC students must register for UNIV100. In the regular fall semester, most, but not all, majors require students to register for UNIV100 or an equivalent course. FC course offerings are only open to spring-admitted freshmen who enroll in Freshmen Connection; the regular fall semester course offerings are only open to current and fall-admitted students.

Whereas FC students can join most campus activities and organizations – the Marching Band, choirs, ROTC, club sports, etc. – FC students may not participate on UMD NCAA fall athletic teams. Finally, UMD (like most higher education institutions) has a tiered system for spring registration. Here is the registration order for UMD students:

  1. Current UMD Seniors register first
  2. Current UMD Juniors register second
  3. Current UMD Sophomores register third
  4. Current UMD Fall Admitted Freshmen register fourth
  5. Freshmen Connection Students / Upper Level Transfer Students (these transfer students are juniors and will be taking upper level junior/senior courses) register fifth
  6. Transfer students (lower level and upper level) and other Spring Admitted Students who did not participate in Freshmen Connection register sixth.

What are the benefits of Freshmen Connection?

Freshmen Connection provides spring-admitted freshmen the opportunity to take up to 17 credits that begin to fulfill UMD undergraduate requirements. You'll get on track to graduate in four years. Academic advisors provide guidance throughout the enrollment process and the fall semester. Your UNIV100 course helps develop skills and strategies that will enhance your Maryland academic experience. You'll also have the opportunity to participate in fall campus activities and events and meet other freshmen. Finally, there is no need to provide official transcripts or consider credit transfers from another college or university. All courses are UMD courses and appear on your official UMD transcript.

What is the Office of Extended Studies?

The Office of Extended Studies is a self-support administrative unit at the UMD. In addition to Freshmen Connection, OES administers Summer Term and Winter Term.

What is Letters and Sciences (LTSC)?

Letters and Sciences is an advising unit with a broad knowledge of each major’s curriculum and admission requirements (where applicable). Regardless of the major to which you were admitted, Letters and Sciences will provide guidance and academic advising as you enroll in the Freshmen Connection Program and throughout the fall semester.

Why was I not accepted to the University of Maryland for the fall semester?

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions can assist you with specific questions you may have about your admission status.

Do grades count?

Yes. Grades earned in Freshmen Connection courses post to your UMD transcript and are included in your Maryland GPA.

When do classes meet for Freshmen Connection?

Classes meet between the hours of 3-9 p.m., Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on Fridays. Specific course times may be viewed on the Schedule of Classes.

What happens if I choose not to participate in Freshmen Connection?

Freshmen Connection is an optional academic program that does not affect your spring admission. If you choose to attend another university in the fall, you'll need to consider how credits will transfer to UMD. For assistance, contact Undergraduate Admissions.

To participate in Freshmen Connection, do I need to submit an enrollment form?

Yes. See Freshmen Connection, How to Enroll.

Do I need to confirm the offer of spring admission to the University of Maryland before enrolling in Freshmen Connection?

Yes. See Freshmen Connection, How to Enroll.

How do I select courses?

Freshmen Connection uses an online enrollment form. Course enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. You select courses based on your intended major and General Education requirements. See Courses & Guidelines.

How many courses should I take in Freshmen Connection?

You are encouraged to take a full academic load. Full-time status for Maryland undergraduate students is based on registration for 12 or more credits per semester. Freshmen Connection students usually take ENGL101, one Math course, two or three General Education courses and/or major requirements, and must take UNIV100 (about 12-17 credits total).

How does tuition work?

Tuition is charged at a flat rate, based on Maryland or out-of-state residency, for up to 17 credits. You should take at least 12 credits.

Is on-campus housing available?

On-campus housing is guaranteed for students who enroll in Freshmen Connection and submit the Housing Agreement by May 1. See Department of Resident Life—Housing Freshmen Connection Housing.

Can I participate in a campus dining plan?

If you are living on campus, you must purchase a dining plan. If you are commuting from home or living in off-campus housing, you can also purchase a dining plan. See Department of Dining Services.

Can I use my financial aid for Freshmen Connection?

Yes. If you are eligible for state and/or federal financial aid, you may apply it to Freshmen Connection. See Office of Student Financial Aid.

Can I use tuition remission for Freshmen Connection?

Yes. If you are eligible for tuition remission, you may apply it to Freshmen Connection. Contact your human resource officer for assistance. See Tuition Remission for more information.

How do I obtain campus parking?

Freshman resident students are not eligible register for parking, but may apply for an exception under certain circumstances. See the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS).

What is the Fall Welcome?

Fall Welcome is scheduled for several days before classes begin. You'll be able to locate your classrooms, buy any required texts, and relax and meet all the other new UMD Freshmen.

What campus organizations and activities can I join?

See the Division of Student Affairs for the many opportunities available to enrich your life during your time at Maryland.

What University rules and regulations apply during this program?

Students who enroll in Freshmen Connection are subject to all University Policies and Guidelines found at and

I'm enrolled. How do I view my current course schedule?

See Fall Semester Overview.

I'm enrolled. How do I change my course choices before the program begins?

See Fall Semester Overview.

If you have additional questions, call 301-405-7762 or email

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