Freshmen Connection

Online Orientation

Online Orientation Option

Opens June 1, 2017 and must be completed by July 14, 2017.

Who is this orientation for?

The online orientation is an option for students unable to attend the one-day on-campus orientation. Students will be able to gather the same information that is received in person.

What does the online orientation entails?

  • This orientation is completely online; internet access is required.
  • The online orientation is through ELMS/Canvas, a secure system that will require you to login with your Directory ID and password.
  • Online orientation consists of several modules that provide information from campus departments and your fall academic advisors in Freshmen Connection. You will be required to demonstrate understanding of the material pertinent by completing short quizzes at the end of each module.
  • You may complete the modules at any times that are convenient for you, but they must be completed in full no later than July 14.

Things to Consider

  • You will need to obtain your University ID Card on your own time. For hours and information regarding University ID Cards, please visit When getting your University ID, stop by the Freshmen Connection office to say “Hello” to advisors and get a Terps bag! We are located in Suite 0132 Main Administration Building.
    Note: you must have your University ID prior to the first day of classes.
  • If you have any questions regarding on campus housing, dining plans, financial aid, etc., you must contact those offices directly.
  • You can visit/tour campus on your own time! Visit the Visitor Center at


What happens when I complete the online orientation?

  • Once completed, students will receive a confirmation email & certificate showing proof of completion.

What if I don’t complete online orientation by the July 14?

  • If you do not complete online orientation by the deadline of July 14, you will be required to attend a make-up orientation session in late August on campus.

What if I do the online orientation and want to learn more?

  • You may choose to attend an in-person orientation. Please send us an email at

How do I meet with an advisor?

  • To schedule an appointment, please email including your name, UID number, and dates/times you are available.

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