Your Freshman Year

Starts This Fall

Important Dates

Quick Links: Math Placement Exam

March 2 Online Enrollment Form Opens.
May 1 Deadline for students requiring an F or J Visa to submit FC Enrollment Form.
Deadline to request campus housing.

Step 1: Confirm Spring Admission

Follow the directions and confirm the offer of spring admission located on the Admitted Spring Freshman Checklist.

Step 2: Setup UMD Accounts

Activate Directory ID (Select “Activate Account”)

  • This username grants access to UMD online services and systems, specifically the FC Enrollment Form, the Math Placement Test, Housing, Dining, Financial Aid, and more. 

Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Required to access online university resources such as Testudo (UMD’s online Schedule of Classes), library services, ELMS, and more.

Activate TERPmail 

  • Email is UMD’s official means of communication. Faculty and staff use the email on your student record for all correspondences. Students are responsible for checking their email and responding in a timely fashion. UMD assumes no responsibility for the delivery of these electronic messages. Check your spam folder. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain current contact information.
  • The email submitted on the application and posted on the student record is known as the Email of Record.  Once you have activated the Directory ID and MFA, you can set-up a University email account—TERPmail.

Other Important Considerations

  • University Identification Number (UID): 9-digit number that appears on your admission letter and will be on your UMD Student Photo ID card. Always include this number when communicating with faculty or staff, since this is the best and quickest way to find your record in any UMD system.
  • Student ID Card: Physical ID for UMD students who confirm admission and register for classes. It is issued during the summer orientation. Use to access library services, campus shuttle buses, the Campus Recreation Center, athletic and other events, and more.

Step 3: Design Course Schedule & Submit FC Enrollment Form

See Courses & Guidelines

  • Select courses, design your fall semester schedule based on your intended major, and submit the FC Enrollment Form.

Step 4: Complete Math Placement Test (MPT)

Complete the Online Math Placement Test

NOTE, the MPT will be available on/after March 18.  While you may submit the Freshmen Connection Enrollment Form prior to completing the MPT, your form will not be processed (you will not be enrolled in classes) until your MPT results have posted.

All incoming UMD freshmen are required to complete the Math Placement Test. The FC Enrollment Form will not be processed until MPT results post to the student record. The MPT provides a measure of a student’s math skills. The results are used to ensure that students are eligible to enroll in the math requirement associated with their intended major. Results are distributed and reviewed at orientation.

About the Online MPT

  • See Math Placement Test for information including resources and a sample exam.
  • Students may retake the MPT one time prior to the start of the fall semester and 30 days after first taking it. 
  • After 30 days, contact to request a retake.  Provide your full name and UID. After completing the retake, email so that we may look up your score.

ADS Accommodations

  • Students who receive testing accommodations must contact UMD’s Accessibility and Disability Service (ADS) and make arrangements to take the paper test. The online MPT is not available to students who receive accommodations for testing.
  • Once you have contacted ADS, submit your FC Enrollment Form. In the note field, indicate the date that you will be taking the MPT with ADS.
  • Your enrollment will not be finalized until you have taken the MPT but you will not be penalized for any delay with regard to your testing accommodation.

Step 5: Register for Orientation

All incoming UMD freshmen are required to complete a summer orientation. This provides an overview of the upcoming fall semester. You cannot register for orientation until 48 business hours after confirming your spring admission and submitting the FC Enrollment Form. Freshmen Connection offers two options: Campus Orientation or Online Orientation. Spaces in each option are limited and fill on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Campus Orientation

Register for Campus Orientation

  • For more information and to register for a two-day (overnight) or one-day campus option.
  • Advisors discuss important academic rules and regulations that you’ll need to know when the fall semester begins. You’ll receive a copy of your Math Placement Test (MPT) results. You’ll review guidelines on how to change your fall schedule and have an opportunity to add/drop/waitlist courses (pending seat availability). In addition, you’ll receive your UMD photo ID and meet other new students. Family members are welcome to attend.

Online Orientation

Register for Online Orientation

  • Available:  June 15, 2020
  • Completion Deadline: July 17, 2020
  • To prepare for your session, print and review the Freshmen Check List
  • If you experience problems, contact


The online orientation is an option for those enrolled Freshmen Connection students unable to attend an on-campus orientation. In the online orientation, students gather the same information that is received at the on-campus orientation. The online orientation:

  • Requires that you have access to a computer with high-speed internet.
  • Offered through ELMS/Canvas, UMD’s secure system that requires you to login with your Directory ID and password.
  • Consists of several modules that provide information from campus departments and your fall academic advisors. You will be required to demonstrate understanding of the material pertinent by completing short quizzes at the end of each module.
  • Modules may be completed at times convenient for you, but must be completed in full no later than July 17.
  • Students who complete the online orientation will be able to make adjustments to their fall schedules (via Testudo) starting on July 28. Students who register for the online orientation but fail to complete it by the deadline will not be able to adjust their schedules until the first day of classes.

Things to Consider

  • University Photo ID Card: Can be picked after you receive confirmation of your fall schedule. See Office of the Registrar—ID Cards for hours and information. Note: you must have your University Photo ID prior to the first day of classes..

Online Orientation FAQs

What happens when I complete the online orientation?

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email showing proof of completion upon successful completion of the online orientation.

What happens if I don’t complete online orientation by July 17?

  • You will not be able to make adjustments to your schedule (add/drop/waitlist) until the first day of classes. In addition, students are responsible for all information covered through orientation (including academic policies, procedures and deadlines).

What if I do the online orientation and want to learn more?

How do I meet with an advisor?

  • To schedule an appointment, email Include your name, UID number, and dates/times you are available.

Is there a charge for participating in the online orientation?

  • The online orientation is free for registered Freshmen Connection students.

Step 6: Request Housing (Optional)

Campus Housing, Department of Resident Life: Deadline to request housing is May 1. UMD does not require students to live on-campus.

Off-Campus Housing Services: For students interested in living in a local apartment.

Step 7: Select a Dining Plan (Optional)

See Dining at Maryland for information on campus meal plans for residential and commuter students. Students living on campus are required to select a meal plan.

Financial Aid

Enrolled Freshmen Connection students are eligible to receive federal and state funding to help cover their costs of education. See Office of Student Financial Aid to learn how to apply, the types of available aid, the award process, and more.

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