Your Freshman Year

Starts This Fall

Courses and Guidelines

Important Dates

The Freshmen Connection enrollment process requires that a student completes Steps 1-5. If you want to live on campus, you'll need to complete Step 6 & 7. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Certain courses, particularly math and science, fill and close early.

March 2 Online Enrollment Form Opens.
May 1 Deadline for students requiring an F or J Visa to submit FC Enrollment Form.
Deadline to request campus housing.

Schedule Design & Enrollment Guidelines

  • The Schedule Design and Enrollment Process requires 7 Steps.
  • ALL FC students MUST register for UNIV100. This required one-credit course provides an introduction to University life. Topics include: Academic Study Skills, Time Management, Major Advising, Diversity, Responsible Decision Making, Resident Life and Commuter Issues, Public & Campus Safety, Academic Integrity, and Code of Student Conduct.
  • Testudo, UMD’s online schedule of classes, provides course descriptions, meet times, and seat availability.
  • Section numbers for FC courses begin with FC. Some courses offer multiple sections or have discussions that meet at different times and/or locations. Record this information on the Scheduling Worksheet. You’ll need to include the specific section (i.e. FC01, FC02, FC03) on the FC Enrollment Form.
  • Select a first and second choice. Record this information on the Scheduling Worksheet. You’ll need to include both choices on the FC Enrollment Form.
  • Full-time status for UMD undergraduate students is based on registration for 12 or more credits per semester (at least four three-credit courses). You are encouraged to take a full academic load.
  • Tuition for Freshmen Connection is charged at a flat rate for up to 17 credits, including UNIV100.
  • All courses follow University policies and procedures and are subject to change. The University reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or for other reasons it deems necessary.
  • Your schedule is frozen until you have completed orientation. At orientation, an advisor will explain how to add/drop/waitlist courses using Testudo.
  • Need assistance? Schedule an appointment with an Advisor at 301-405-7762 or

Step 1: Print Scheduling Worksheet

Print Scheduling Worksheet

This tool helps with designing your fall schedule by keeping track of your selections, avoid selecting courses that have time conflicts, and with alternative choices. Use to complete the “Course Request” section on the FC Enrollment Form.

Step 2. Print Intended Major Course Recommendations

Find your official major designation and how to select courses based on your intended major.

Questions on Majors

Your spring-admission offer letter contains information including your official major designation, residency status, and 9-digit University ID (UID) number.

In Freshmen Connection, students select courses based on their intended major. Many students are admitted into their intended major for the spring semester. Some change their minds about their intended major. Others are not admitted into their intended major; instead their official major shows Undecided, Letters and Sciences.

  • Students who have changed their minds about their official major: Changing your official major has no bearing on your offer of admission. You’ll be given instructions at orientation on how to change your major.  When you select your courses in Freshmen Connection, you’ll select courses based on the major(s) you intend to pursue.
  • Students whose official major shows Undecided, Letters and Sciences: This means you did not declare a major or you selected a major which is designated a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP).  Certain majors at UMD are very popular and must limit the number of students who can be accommodated. Before students can apply to majors within the Robert H. Smith School of Business, A. James Clark School of Engineering, Computer Science or Biology (all specializations), Chemistry and Biochemistry, they must successfully complete a certain number of courses called “gateway courses.”  Freshmen Connection offers many of these gateway courses, so you’ll be able to start fulfilling requirements for these LEPs in the fall semester. When you select your courses, you’ll select courses based on the major you intend to pursue.  For further information and a listing of LEP majors, see LEP.

List of Majors and Recommended Courses Offered in FC

In Freshmen Connection, many offered courses fulfill major requirements.  Below is a list of majors with a detailed listing of course recommendations.  Click on your intended major and print out this information to help design your fall schedule. If you are considering several majors, review the course recommendations for each. If your intended major does not appear below, follow the instructions for “Undecided.” For assistance, schedule an appointment with an Advisor at

Step 3: Print Courses by Gen Ed

General Education Requirements (Gen Ed) are a set of courses which all UMD undergraduates complete in addition to their major requirements.

In Freshmen Connection, many courses fulfill General Education Requirements (Gen Ed). Gen Ed is a set of courses which all UMD undergraduates must complete in addition to their major requirements to earn an undergraduate degree. Gen Ed has several categories and you must take a selection of courses from these categories. See General Education @UMD for complete information.

Many courses offered in FC satisfy both Gen Ed AND major requirements. Print out the information below to see which courses fulfill Gen Ed requirements recommended for your major and to help design your fall schedule. For assistance, schedule an appointment with an Advisor at 301-405-7762 or

Fundamental Studies is a Gen Ed category that has two requirements: Academic Writing and Math. Each must be completed during the fall or spring semester of a student’s freshman year.

  • Academic Writing: ENGL101
  • Math: Select a math course based on your intended major.
    • Advisors review the selected course, the results of the Math Placement Test (MPT), and the intended major math requirement. If there are any concerns, you’ll be contacted via email

Step 4: Account for Transfer Credits

Determine Course Equivalency

If you took AP, IB, A-Level, CLEP or a course at another two- or four-year institution, these are considered “transfer credits.” These credits MAY fulfill General Education or Major Requirements. Learn about course equivalency and how to transfer these credits to UMD.

Prior to submitting the FC Enrollment Form, determine course equivalency so that you don’t register for a course for which you have or will receive credit. To determine course equivalencies, visit Transfer Credit Services.

Ensure Transfer Credits Post to Your UMD Transcript

It is your responsibility to ensure that UMD receives all transfer credit information and that this posts to your transcript prior to the start of the fall semester. Once you’ve confirmed spring admission, you should view your Unofficial Transcript.

If information is missing, follow the steps below. Include your full name and UID in all communications:

  • Determine that the scores/transcripts were sent: Contact the agency/institution that has your credits and request that they be sent to the University of Maryland.
  • If scores were sent but do not appear on your transcript: Contact the Office of the Registrar,
  • If no equivalencies appear: Contact Transfer Credit Services,

Step 5: See Testudo

Testudo (UMD's online Schedule of Classes) shows course descriptions, meet days and times, instructors, and more.

Step 6: Band, Chorus, & ROTC

In Freshmen Connection, students may enroll in the Maryland Marching Band, Repertoire Orchestracertain Choral ensemblesAir Force ROTC, Naval ROTC, or Army ROTC. Students must contact the specific department to obtain requirements.

Course information (descriptions, days, times, section numbers) may be viewed on the live Schedule of Classes and should be included on the “Course Request” portion of the Freshmen Connection Enrollment Form.

Step 7:  Complete & Submit FC Enrollment Form

Use the Scheduling Worksheet, Complete & Submit the FC Enrollment Form. (Available March 2)

Confirmation of Enrollment Form Submission

  • Confirms receipt and payment.  After submitting the FC Enrollment Form, you will receive two emails:
    1. Email #1: Confirms submission of the FC Enrollment Form
    2. Email #2: Confirms submission of payment.
  • Emails are NOT an acknowledgement of course enrollment.
  • If you did not receive both emails, email

Advisor Review of FC Enrollment Form

  • After submitting the FC Enrollment Form, you must complete the Math Placement Test (MPT). Your FC Enrollment Form will not be reviewed until the results of the MPT have posted to your student record.
  • Course seats are not held.  Course registration is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Certain courses, particularly math and science fill and close early.  Do not delay in taking the MPT.
  • Advisors review your course selections based on major and Gen Ed requirements (if there are any issues, an advisor will contact you via email), ensure you’ve selected a UNIV100 section, confirm that you’ve selected an orientation session, ensure that the enrollment-deposit fee payment has successfully posted, and, finally, process the form. 

Confirmation of Schedule and Course Enrollment

  • You’ll receive a final email confirming that your FC Enrollment Form has been processed.
  • This email contains instructions on how to access and view your fall course schedule.

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