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Enrollment Deadlines

Freshmen Connection Deadlines

  • Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis; certain courses, particularly math and science, fill and close much earlier.
  • Best Consideration, May 1: Enrollment Form

On-Campus Housing Deadline

Courses & Guidelines

Schedule Planning Guidelines

A step-by-step guide to planning your fall schedule may be here. For assistance, schedule an appointment with an FC Advisor at 301-405-7762 or fc@umd.edu.

  1. View Course Recommendations for your intended major.
    • Planning on more than one major? Look at the recommendations for both or contact an FC advisor for assistance.
  2. Print Courses by General Education.
    • Determine which courses fulfill Gen Ed requirements recommended for your major.
  3. View the Online Schedule of Classes for course descriptions, times, and availability. Section numbers for all FC courses begin with FC.
  4. Use the Scheduling Worksheet: Use this tool to avoid selecting courses that have time conflicts.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Some courses offer multiple sections or have discussions that meet at different times and/or locations. You’ll need to include which section (i.e. FC01, FC02, FC03) works for your schedule on the FC Enrollment Form.
  • ALL FC students are required to register for UNIV100, a required one-credit course that provides an introduction to University life. Topics include: Academic Study Skills, Time Management, Major Advising, Diversity, Responsible Decision Making, Resident Life and Commuter Issues, Public & Campus Safety, Academic Integrity, and Code of Student Conduct.
  • Select a first and second choice on the enrollment form.
  • Full-time status for UMD undergraduate students is based on registration for 12 or more credits per semester (at least four three-credit courses). You are encouraged to take a full academic load.
  • Tuition for Freshmen Connection is charged at a flat rate for up to 17 credits, including UNIV100.
  • If you are enrolling in Marching Band, Repertoire Ensemble, Air Force or Naval ROTC, you must also submit the additional form(s) required to enroll in these courses.
  • All courses follow University policies and procedures and are subject to change. The University reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or for other reasons it deems necessary.


The mandatory orientation session runs from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and provides an overview of the upcoming fall semester. You’ll receive a copy of your MPE results. FC advisors will discuss important academic rules and regulations that you’ll need to know when the fall semester begins. In addition, you will have an opportunity to get your University of Maryland photo ID. Parents are welcome to attend!

Session Dates:

  • Thursday, June 29
  • Thursday, July 6
  • Tuesday, July 18
  • Thursday, July 27

Students who are unable to come to campus during the summer may select the online orientation option.

On the FC Enrollment Form, select the date that best suits your schedule. Placement into an orientation session is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please rank your selections. Once your FC Enrollment Form has been processed, you’ll receive the FC enrollment confirmation e-mail that will include your orientation session date.

Intended Major Course Recommendations

Click on your intended major below for detailed course recommendations. If you are considering several majors, review the course recommendations for each. If your intended major does not appear below, follow the instructions for undecided students or make an appointment with a Freshmen Connection advisor.

General Education Requirements (Gen Ed)

Gen Ed Requirements are a set of courses which all Maryland undergraduate students must complete in addition to their major, department, and college requirements to earn an undergraduate degree. Many of the courses offered in FC fulfill Gen Ed requirements as well as satisfy major requirements. In addition, you can use transfer credit such as AP, IB, or a course from a 2-Year or 4-Year institution to fulfill these requirements. To determine course equivalencies, visit UMD’s Transfer Credit Services.

Gen Ed has several categories and courses are divided by academic discipline. You should take courses from different categories. For complete information about Gen Ed, click here.

Fundamental Studies is a Gen Ed category that has two requirements: Academic Writing(AW) and Math (MA). Each must be completed during the fall or spring semester of a student’s freshman year.

  • Academic Writing: ENGL101
  • Math (based on intended major)
    • Incoming freshmen must complete the Math Placement Examination (MPE).
    • On the FC Enrollment Form, select a math course based on your intended major.
    • FC advisors review the selected course, the MPE results, and the intended major math requirement. If there are any concerns, you’ll be contacted via e-mail.

Math Placement Exam (MPE)

Take the Online MPE

The MPE is now available.

About the Online MPE

  • The FC Enrollment Form will not be processed until MPE results have posted to the student electronic record. Results are distributed and reviewed at orientation.
  • For complete MPE information including resources, click here.
  • Students may retake the MPE one time prior to the start of the fall semester and 30 days after first taking it. After 30 days, you may send an e-mail to place@math.umd.edu with your full name and UID asking to have the test reset. After completing the retake, you must e-mail us (fc@umd.edu) so that we may look up your score.

ADS Accommodations

Students who receive testing accommodations must contact UMD’s Accessibility and Disability Support Services (ADS) and make arrangements to take the paper test. The online MPE is not available to students who receive accommodations for testing.

  • Once you have contacted ADS, submit your FC Enrollment Form. In the note field, indicate the date that you will be taking the MPE with ADS.
  • Your enrollment will not be finalized until you have taken the MPE but you will not be penalized for any delay with regard to your testing accommodation.

AP/IB/Clep & Transfer Credits

Course Equivalency

AP, IB, or CLEP exam or a course taken at another institution may fulfill General Education or Major Requirements. Prior to submitting the FC Enrollment Form, determine course equivalency so that you don’t register for a course for which you have or will receive credit. To determine course equivalencies, visit Transfer Credit Services.

  • For Prior Learning Credit (AP, IB, CLEP, A-Level), click here.
  • For a course taken at another institution, click here.

Credits Posting to Your UMD Transcript

It is your responsibility to ensure that UMD receives all transfer credit information and that this posts to your transcript prior to the start of the fall semester. Once you’ve confirmed spring admission, you should view your unofficial transcript, click here.

If information is missing, follow the steps below. Include your full name and student UID in all communications:

  • Determine that the scores/transcripts were sent: Contact the agency/institution that has your credits and request that they be sent to the University of Maryland.
  • If scores were sent but do not appear on your transcript: Contact the Office of the Registrar, registrar-help@umd.edu.
  • If no equivalencies appear: Contact Transfer Credit Services, transfercredit@umd.edu.

Maryland Marching Band or Ensemble Repertoire Orchestra

Students in FC may also participate in the Maryland Marching Band or Repertoire Orchestra. It is the student’s responsibility to contact and obtain specific program information and requirements. These courses are not covered by FC tuition. Additional tuition charges will post to your student account should you enroll in these courses.

Maryland Marching Band

Ensemble Repertoire Orchestra

  • Contact: umro@umd.edu or 301.405.5572
  • Students are eligible to participate in Ensemble Repertoire Orchestra without formally registering. To receive credit (required for all Music majors), you must register for the 1 credit course MUSC229R.
  • Click here for the Ensemble Repertoire Orchestra enrollment form.


Students in FC may also participate in Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC or Naval ROTC. It is the student’s responsibility to contact and obtain specific program information and requirements. These courses are not covered by Freshmen Connection tuition. Additional tuition charges will post to your student account should you enroll in these courses.

Air Force ROTC

  • Contact information is afrotcdet330@umd.edu or 301.314.3242.
  • Register for both ARSC100 and ARSC059, using the ROTC enrollment form.
  • Click here for the ROTC enrollment form.

Naval ROTC

  • Contact information is navalrotc@umd.edu or 301.405.9363.
  • Register for both NAVY100 and NAVY108, using the ROTC enrollment form.
  • Click here for the ROTC enrollment form.


  • To enroll in ARMY ROTC, include ARMY106 on the Course Request portion of the Freshmen Connection Enrollment Form.

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