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Academic & Financial Calendars

Academic & Financial Calendars

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Important Policies

The session dates and deadlines (see below) pertains to courses beginning with the following sections: 01**, 02**, 03**, 04**, 05**, 06**, WB**, HY**, I1**, I2**. Other section numbers are program-specific and students should contact the specific program for complete information.

The posted deadlines for each individual session are associated with the following policies.

  • Cancellation (Terminate enrollment in a session before the first day of the session).
  • Schedule Adjustment (Add/Drop Period) (Also includes information on Even Exchange).
  • Single Course Drop (After session begins; must be registered for more than one course in within the single specific Summer Session).
  • Withdrawal (Terminate enrollment in a session for all courses (even just one) after the session begins).


For Cancellation, Schedule Adjustment (Add/Drop), Single Course Drop, Withdrawal, and Associated Refunds

Standard Sessions Deadlines

Non-Standard Session Deadlines

Calendars Deadlines: Individual Sessions

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