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How to Apply

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Application Deadlines

Application Type Session # Session Date Online  Paper International Online ONLY
Undergraduate SI June 1 - July 10 May 22 May 15 April 15
Undergraduate SI-A June 1 - June 19 May 22 May 15 April 15
Undergraduate SI-B June 22 - July 10 June 12 June 1 May 15
Undergraduate SII July 13 – August 21 July 3 June 15 June 1
Undergraduate SII-C July 13 - July 31 July 3 June 15 June 1
Undergraduate SII-D August 3 - August 21 July 24 July 15 June 1
Graduate   For deadlines, contact The Graduate School,

Apply Now! (Non-UMD Student)

A $75 non-refundable application fee is required. Admission is for this specific session/year only. If you attended UMD in a previous Summer or Winter Session and wish to take undergraduate credit in Summer Session, you must re-apply. Email for an application fee waiver code.

  • Allow a minimum of three business days to process an online application; seven business days for a paper application.  Business days are Monday – Friday, 8am – 4:30pm.
  • Upon submission, an acknowledgement is sent to the email provided on the application. This is the email of record. Check your spam folder.



Important Notes

  • Transcripts are not required for the Summer Session Undergraduate Application. If the course has listed pre- or co-requisite requirements, academic units will access the UMD student record to determine if these requirements have been met. Since visiting students do not submit transcripts for Summer Session admission, the academic units will contact you directly via the email of record and request a copy of your transcript to determine if you have met these requirements. If you do not meet these requirements or provide this information, you will be dropped from the course.
  • UMD maintains a Syllabus Repository by term/session and course.  Posted on Testudo (online Schedule of Classes), the Syllabus Repository is a PDF provided by the course instructor.  Only current UMD students have access.  If you are not a current UMD student but need a copy of the syllabus before you apply, contact the instructor directly.  Visit:
    • Enter the instructor’s last name.
    • For multiple search results: Determine the department associated with the course. Questions? Contact
  • See Summer Session Payment Policy.
  • 3-week Summer Sessions: Due to the compressed nature of these sessions, the Schedule Adjustment Period (Drop/Add) ends on the first day of the 3-week session at 11:00 p.m.
  • Online Courses: After registration, it may take 24 – 48 hours before you obtain access to the online course. Students who register on the first day of classes for a 3-week session will run into access issues, which may cause you to fall irreparably behind.

Non-UMD Student Categories

Visiting Undergraduate Student

Visiting Graduate Student

  • If you attend another institution or have an undergraduate degree and want to take a course for graduate credit: use the Graduate Admissions Application. When you register, you’ll be charged at the graduate student rate. See Tuition & Fees
  • If you have an undergraduate degree, want to take an undergraduate course, and do not need the credits to count as graduate credits: use the Summer Session Undergraduate Application. When you register, you’ll be charged at the undergraduate student rate.  See Tuition & Fees.

University System of Maryland (USM) Inter-Institutional Enrollment


D.C. Consortium of Universities

  • Visiting students in the D.C. Consortium of Universities are eligible to enroll for Summer Session. The University’s Office of the Registrar provides oversight for D.C. Consortium Enrollment.

Former UMD Students

Former UMD students who ONLY want to register for undergraduate credit during Summer Session:

Former UMD students who wish to attend in the fall or spring semester, or are attempting to complete their last credits toward a degree at UMD: 

Current & Incoming UMD Students

Undergraduate students may simply register if you:

  • Attended UMD in the current spring semester, or
  • Accepted admission to UMD for the upcoming fall semester.
  • Students who accept admission to UMD for the upcoming spring semester: contact

Graduate students may simply register if you:

  • Attended the UMD in the current spring semester, or
  • Accepted admission to UMD for the upcoming fall semester.

Visiting International Students

UMD does not issue documentation permitting study for credit for Summer Session. Visiting international students seeking credit are eligible to apply if:

  • Currently attending a U.S. institution on an existing I-20, or
  • Currently in the U.S. having possession of a valid visa permitting study at a four-year institution.

Eligible Visiting International Students: Use the Summer Session Undergraduate Application. In addition, submit copies of the documents listed below to

Applicants with J-1 Visa

  1. Passport
  2. I-94 (visit
  3. DS-2019
  4. Letter of support on official letterhead from your sponsor granting approval.

Applicants with F-1 Visa

  1. Passport
  2. I-94 (visit
  3. I-20
  4. Letter of approval on official letterhead from your home institution's international office granting approval AND acknowledging the dates for the session in which you plan to register.

Applicants with B1/B2 Visa:

Current High School Students

  • Terp Scholars Program: For high school students interested in participating in a pre-college experience (online). Features a selection of UMD credit courses.
  • Concurrent Enrollment: For high school students interested in taking a regular Summer Session course for credit.
  • Non-Credit Opportunities: For high school students interested in taking a non-credit course during the summer.

Faculty & Staff



Tuition Remission

  • Contact your department human resources representative for tuition remission assistance. See UHR: Tuition Remission

Golden Identification Program 

Golden ID Program Office

  • The Golden Identification Program (Golden ID) is administered through the Office of the Registrar. Golden ID permits eligible senior citizens to take advantage of the wide variety of course offerings at College Park.
  • Email:; Phone: 301-314-8240; Website: Golden ID Program



  • Newly Admitted or Current Golden ID Students: contact Golden ID Program Office (see above).


  • Although tuition is waived, Golden ID students are required to pay all fees associated with registration which may include a student services fee, course fee, and/or program fee.
  • Fee payment is required once you receive notification from the Golden ID Program Office that you have been registered. See Summer Session Payment Policy

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