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Types of Online Courses

  • Asynchronous: Student is NOT required to login at a specific time. An asynchronous course will only have this notation: Class time/details on ELMS. Section number begins with "WB".
  • Synchronous: Student is required to login at a specific time. A synchronous course will indicate this information either within the course description or list a specific online meeting time. Section number begins with "WB".
  • Hybrid or Blended: Student is required to attend class meetings or exams on campus as well as to participate in an online element. This online element will have the notation Class time/details on ELMS or it will have a specific online meeting time. Section number begins with "HY".

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ELMS is the online environment that supports most online courses at Maryland. The instructor must first load the course into ELMS. This occurs 24-48 hours prior to the course’s start date. If a course does not show up after you login, first check that you are registered. Only students who are on the official class list can access the course. If you registered late, it may take up to 24 hours for the system to add you. If canceled for non-payment, you lose access immediately. If you are registered but the course doesn’t appear in ELMS, contact your instructor.

Listing of Online Courses

Courses are listed by academic unit.

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HACS297 Cybersecurity Experience Reflection Sample
African American Studies
AASP100 Introduction to African American Studies  
AASP202 Black Culture in the United States  
AASP468V Special Topics in Africa and the Americas; Introduction to Social Inequality in South Africa  
AASP498E Special Topics in Black Culture; A Critical Understanding of Hip Hop Culture and its Impact on Society  
AASP498I Special Topics in Black Culture; Women and the Civil Rights Movement  
AASP498M Special Topics in Black Culture; Black Masculinity in Mass Media: How Blackness has formed (and Re-formed) in U.S. Entertainment Culture  
AASP498R Special Topics in Black Culture; Race and Sports  
AASP498Z Special Topics in Black Culture; Black Women in Popular Culture: From the Blues to Beyonce'  
AASP499F Advanced Topics in Public Policy and the Black Community; Black Politics and Policy: A Multimedia Approach  
AASP499Y Advanced Topics in Public Policy and the Black Community; Black Youth and School-to-Prison Pipeline  
American Studies
AMST101 Introduction American Studies WB12 Tentative
AMST203 Popular Culture in America WB11 Tentative
WB21 Sample
AMST298G Selected Topics in American Studies; Immigration and the U.S.-Mexico Border Tentative
AMST498T Special Topics in American Studies; Sex on the Streets: Homelessness, Deviance and the MAking of America's Underbelly Tentative
AMST498V Special Topics in American Studies; Gender Performance in the Everyday: Power, Space, and Identity Sample
ANTH240 Introduction to Archaeology Sample
ANTH260 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology and Linguistics  
ANTH263 Sexuality and Culture  
ANTH468P Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology; Anthropology, War & Security  
ANTH473 Native American Languages and Cultures  
ANTH673 Native American Languages and Cultures  
ANTH688P Current Developments in Anthropology; Anthropology, War & Security  
ARAB398E Special Topics in Arabic Studies; Egyptian Pop Culture  
Art History & Archaeology
ARTH200 Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean Tentative
ARTH201 Art and Society in the West from the Renaissance to the Present  
ARTH359F Film as Art; Coen Brothers: Genre Film in a Post-Ironic Age Draft
ARTH361 American Art Since 1876 Sample
Biological Sciences Program
BSCI339I Selected Topics in Biology; CELL MECH AGING & DISEAS Tentative
BSCI348J Special Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Medical Microbiology Tentative
BSCI348M Special Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Epidemiology of Microbial Pathogens  
BSCI447 General Endocrinology  
Criminology and Criminal Justice
CCJS100 Introduction to Criminal Justice Tentative
CCJS105 Introduction to Criminology Sample
CCJS342 Corrections  
CCJS370 Race, Crime and Criminal Justice  
CCJS451 Crime and Delinquency Prevention  
CLAS170 Greek and Roman Mythology Sample
CLAS289A Are We Rome? Tentative
COMM200 Critical Thinking and Speaking WB11 Sample
WB21 Sample
COMM250 Introduction to Communication Inquiry  
COMM324 Communication and Gender  
COMM371 Communication and Digital Media  
COMM388W Communication Practicum; Professional Communication and Writing  
COMM398B Selected Topics in Communication; Communication, Culture, and Sport  
COMM398V Selected Topics in Communication; Intro to Translation and Localization  
COMM401 Interpreting Strategic Discourse Sample
COMM488I Communication Portfolio Project; The Art of Interviewing Sample
COMM498D Seminar; Nonprofit Public Relations, Activism, and Issues Management  
COMM498L Seminar; Introduction to Screenwriting for Television and Film Sample
COMM498P Seminar; Producing Digital Media from Funding to Finish Sample
ECON200 Principles of Microeconomics WB11 Sample
WB21 Sample
ECON201 Principles of Macroeconomics WB11 Sample
ECON230 Applied Economic Statistics WB21 Tentative
ECON340 International Economics Preliminary
ECON463 Economics of Sports Preliminary
Curriculum and Instruction
EDCI432 Issues in the Education of English Language Learners  
EDCI436 Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication for Teaching English Language Learners  
EDCI630 Foundations of Second Language Education: Legal, Social and Historical Trends and Issues  
Education, Human Development
EDHD320 Human Development Through the Life Span WB41 Tentative
WB51 Sample
EDHD411 Child Growth and Development  
Education Leadership, Higher Ed and International Ed
EDHI488A Special Topics in Education Policy and Administration; Education for Global Peace  
EDHI681 Education for Global Peace  
EDHI788P Special Topics in Education Policy and Administration; Qualitative Research: Case Study Methods  
Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation
EDMS451 Introduction to Educational Statistics Sample
EDMS645 Quantitative Research Methods I  
Education, Special
EDSP210 Introduction to Special Education  
EDSP220 Disability in Community: Access, Accommodation, and Adaptation Draft
EDSP470 Introduction to Special Education  
Higher Ed, Student Affairs, and International Ed Policy
HESI318A Applied Contextual Leadership; Leadership and Film  
HESI318C Applied Contextual Leadership; The Principles of Personal Excellence (Personal Leadership) Sample
HESI318W Applied Contextual Leadership; Leadership and the Workplace  
BIOE221 Introduction to the Bioengineering Major  
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
CHBE473 Electrochemical Energy Engineering  
Electrical & Computer Engineering
ENEE459V Topics in Computer Engineering; Embedded Systems Sample
ENEE759V Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering; Embedded Systems Sample
Engineering, Civil
ENCE201 Engineering Information Processing Sample
ENCE215 Engineering for Sustainability Sample
ENCE320 Introduction to Project Management Tentative
ENCE422 Project Cost Accounting and Economics  
ENCE424 Communication for Project Managers  
Engineering Science
ENES140 Discovering New Ventures  
ENES317 Introduction to Engineering Leadership  
ENES460 Fundamentals of Technology Start-Up Ventures  
ENES462 Marketing High-Technology Products and Innovations  
ENES464 International Entrepreneurship and Innovation Tentative
Engineering, Materials
ENMA300 Introduction to Materials Engineering Draft
Engineering, Mechanical
ENME382 Introduction to Materials Engineering Syllabus
ENME400 Machine Design Syllabus
ENME421 Engineering Design Ideation Syllabus
ENGL101 Academic Writing WB12 Sample
WB22 Sample
ENGL256 Fantasy Literature Sample
ENGL271 Writing Poems and Stories: An Introductory Workshop Sample
ENGL275 Writing to be Seen: Scriptwriting for Theatre, Film, and Television Tentative
ENGL327 The Suburbs in American Literature and Film Sample
ENGL346 Twentieth Century Fiction  
ENGL348G Literary Works by Women; Jane Austen: Novels, Films, Adaptations Tentative
ENGL359F Special Topics in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Literatures; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Film and Video Tentative
ENGL375 J.R.R. Tolkien: Middle-earth and Beyond  
ENGL388P Writing Internship; Pre-professional Writing Skills Internship  
ENGL391 Advanced Composition  
ENGL393 Technical Writing WB13 Tentative
WB24 Draft
ENGL394 Business Writing WB11 Sample
ENGL395 Writing for Health Professions Sample
ENGL403 Shakespeare: The Early Works  
ENGL433 American Literature: 1914 to the Present, the Modern Period  
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
EPIB300 Biostatistics for Public Health Practice Sample
EPIB301 Epidemiology for Public Health Practice  
EPIB610 Foundations of Epidemiology  
EPIB620 Chronic Disease Epidemiology  
EPIB650 Biostatistics I  
Film Studies
FILM329B Special Topics in National/International Cinemas; Global Perspective on Cinema Censorship Sample
FILM359G Special Topics in Genres/Auteurs/Cinema Movements; The Road Movie Sample
Family Science
FMSC111 Credit Cards and College Students  
FMSC190 Man Up! Where Are The Fathers?  
FMSC260 Couple Relationships  
FMSC280 Global, Child & Family Health: Getting There Via E-Communications Tentative
FMSC310 Maternal, Child and Family Health  
FMSC332 Children in Families WB11 Tentative
FMSC341 Personal and Family Finance  
FMSC383 Delivery of Human Services to Families  
FMSC425 Military and Veteran Family Services Sample
FMSC460 Violence in Families Tentative
FMSC487 Legal Aspects of Family Problems  
FMSC698V Advanced Topics in Family Science; Violence in Families Tentative
FREN103 Intensive Elementary French Sample
FREN203 Intensive Intermediate French  
FREN204 French Grammar and Composition  
FREN301 Composition and Style  
Geographical Sciences
GEOG100 Introduction to Geography Draft
GEOG110 The World Today: Global Perspectives WB11 Tentative
GEOG202 Introduction to Human Geography  
GEOG212 Career Planning for Geographical Sciences, GIS, and ENSP Majors Sample
GEOG306 Introduction to Quantitative Methods for the Geographic Environmental Sciences WB11 Tentative
WB21 Sample
GEOG312 The United States and Canada  
GEOG330 As the World Turns: Society and Sustainability in a Time of Great Change

WB41 Tentative

WB42 Syllabus

GEOG332 Economic Geography Tentative
GEOG373 Geographic Information Systems  
GEOG376 Introduction to Computer Programming for GIS  
GEOG475 Computer Cartography Tentative
Germanic Studies
GERM103 Intensive Elementary German  
GERM203 Intensive Intermediate German  
Global Communities
BSGC398A BSGC Experiential Learning in Global Communities: Global Service  
BSGC399 Topical Investigations in Global Communities  
Government and Politics
GVPT100 Scope and Methods for Political Science Research  
GVPT170 American Government Tentative
GVPT200 International Political Relations  
GVPT241 The Study of Political Philosophy: Ancient and Modern  
GVPT280 The Study of Comparative Politics  
GVPT282 Politics and the Developing World  
GVPT306 Global Environmental Politics  
GVPT309R Topics in International Relations; Human Rights and World Politics Tentative
GVPT309T Topics in International Relations; From Tweets to Terror: Cybersecurity, the Internet and Politics Tentative
GVPT309X Topics in International Relations; Conflict Resolution - The Israeli Palestinian Experiment Tentative
GVPT331 Courts, Law and Justice  
GVPT359C Topics in Comparative Politics; Gender and Politics  
GVPT359E Topics in Comparative Politics; Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Conflict Tentative
GVPT388A Topical Investigations; Film and the Study of Politics of Terror in the Family and the State  
GVPT388W Topical Investigations; Experiential Learning: Maryland, Public Policy and Beyond  
HEBR298O Special Topics in Jewish Studies; Jewish Languages in America Sample
Hearing and Speech Sciences
HESP150 Introduction to Language Science Tentative
HESP202 Introduction to Hearing and Speech Sciences  
HIST137 Pursuits of Happiness: Ordinary Lives in the American Revolution  
HIST306 History of Religion in America Tentative
HIST328R Selected Topics in History; Global History of Soccer: Politics, Culture, and Society  
HIST329K History of Rock and Roll, 1950 - 2000  
HIST355 Civil War and the Rise of Industrialization, 1860-1900  
HIST357 Recent America: 1945-Present Sample
HIST360 Women and the Civil Rights Movement  
Health Services Administration
HLSA300 Introduction to Health Policy and Services  
HLSA601 Introduction to Health Systems  
HLTH106 Drug Use and Abuse Sample
HLTH140 Personal and Community Health  
HLTH200 Introduction to Research in Community Health  
HLTH264 Tweets & Likes: Digital Health & Social Media  
HLTH366 Behavioral and Community Issues in Public Health Sample
HLTH377 Human Sexuality Tentative
HLTH476 Death Education  
HLTH498T Special Topics in Health; Medical Terminology Sample
HLTH665 Health Behavior I  
Israel Studies
ISRL349X Investigating Topics in Israel Studies; Conflict Resolution - The Israeli Palestinian Experiment Tentative
JAPN438A Topics in Japanese Pragmatics; Stylistic Variation in the Films of Miyazaki Hayao Tentative
JOUR289E Media Law and Ethics in the Digital Age Tentative
Jewish Studies
JWST219O Special Topics in Jewish Studies; Jewish Languages in America Sample
KNES131V Physical Education Activities: Coed; Beginning Jogging  
KNES201 Kinesiological Principles of Physical Activity  
KNES260 Science of Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health Sample
KNES287 Sport and American Society WB11 Sample
KNES293 History of Sport in America Sample
KNES350 The Psychology of Sports Tentative
KNES370 Motor Development  
KNES385 Motor Control and Learning  
KNES462 Neural Basis of Human Movement  
KNES485 Sport and Globalization  
Landscape Architecture
LARC121 Digital Design Futures Sample
LARC151 Urban Agriculture: Designing and Assessing Edible Landscapes  
LARC160 Introduction to Landscape Architecture Sample
Latina/o Studies
USLT219B Special Topics in Latina/o Studies; Immigration and the U.S.-Mexico Border Tentative
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Studies
LGBT327 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Film and Video Tentative
MATH206 Introduction to Matlab  
Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health
MIEH300 A Public Health Perspective: Introduction to Environmental Health  
MIEH331 The Built Environment, Sustainability, and Public Health: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly  
MIEH400 Introduction to Global Health  
MIEH600 Foundations of Environmental Health  
MPower Undergraduate Law Programs
MLAW388 Law and Society Internship  
Music Education
MUED698V Current Trends in Music Education; Vocal Pedagogy for the Choral Conductor Sample
Nutrition and Food Science
NFSC103 Nutrition and Sports Performance  
PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy Provisional
PHIL140 Contemporary Moral Issues  
PHIL170 Introduction to Logic Sample
PHIL209A Philosophical Issues; Bioethics  
PHIL309C Philosophical Problems; Climate Change Ethics  
PHIL409B Advanced Studies in Contemporary Philosophy; Existentialism, Right and Wrong Sample
Public Health Science
PHSC401 History of Public Health  
PSYC100 Introduction to Psychology  
PSYC200 Statistical Methods in Psychology Sample
PSYC221 Social Psychology Sample
PSYC300 Research Methods in Psychology Laboratory  
PSYC334 Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships  
PSYC389 Experiential Learning  
PSYC665 Understanding Torture and Trauma II  
Religious Studies
RELS346 History of Religion in America Tentative
RUSS398G Selected Topics in Russian Language and Literature; Russian Grammar  
RUSS409A Selected Topics in Russian Language Study; Advanced Russian Grammar for Reading  
School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
SLLC368B Special Topics in Film Studies I; Global Perspectives on Cinema Censorship Sample
SLLC368G Special Topics in Film Studies I; The Road Movie Sample
SOCY100 Introduction to Sociology  
SOCY105 Introduction to Contemporary Social Problems WB31 Sample
WB61 Tentative
SPAN301 Advanced Grammar and Composition I WB11 Tentative
WB21 Tentative
SPAN315 Commercial Spanish I Sample
SPAN439B Selected Topics in Spanish; Journalism in the Hispanic World Sample
Terrorism Studies
BSST338A Special Topics in Terrorism Studies; Terrorist Hostage Taking  
BSST338D Special Topics in Terrorism Studies; Extremist Propaganda  
BSST338O Special Topics in Terrorism Studies; School Shooter and Spree Killers Tentative
BSST370 Terrorist Financing Analysis and Counterterrorist Finance Tentative
University Courses
UNIV326 Beyond the Classroom Seminar II  
Women's Studies
WMST250 Introduction to Women's Studies: Women, Art and Culture WB21 Tentative
WMST400 Theories of Feminism Draft
WMST498M Advanced Special Topics in Women's Studies; Women and the Civil Rights Movement  
WMST498Q Advanced Special Topics in Women's Studies; Gender and Politics  

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