Summer Session

Payment & Financial Aid

Payment & Financial Aid

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Summer Session Payment Policy

Registration Date Payment Due Date
February 27 to March 25 March 26
On or after March 26 Immediately upon registration

Payment policy does not follow the standard fall/spring semester plan. Students are not billed. If payment is not submitted, students may be canceled or withdrawn and blocked from future registration. If the course is full, the student may lose the course seat. Notification of this requirement is sent to the e-mail of record following any add/drop activity. No additional reminder is provided.

Payment Process

Online Payment

Students who register on or before March 25:

  • Payment is due March 26.
  • To submit payment, see Access Account and pay your Summer Session charges.
  • If you are using an Alternative Payment, click Payment Options after completing registration to note the alternative payment option.

Students who register on or after March 26:

  • After registration, click Payment Options to make a payment.
  • Payment options include Online (E-Check or Credit Card) or Alternative Payment
  • Notification of payment obligation is sent to the e-mail of record following any add/drop activity. Payment reminder emails are not sent.
  • If you did not submit payment after registration, click here.
  • Finance charges may accrue if payment is not made.

Mail, FAX, or In Person Payment

Complete and submit a Registration and Payment Form.

Payment Options

Credit/Debit Card or Online Check

Alternative Payment

Financial Aid & Alternative Payment

Students utilizing Financial Aid, Veteran/Military Benefits, Tuition Remission, Athletic Scholarship, or Third Party Billing must note this alternative method of payment to avoid cancellation for non-payment. If you did not note the Alternative Payment option after registration, click here.

Office of Student Financial Aid

Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for assistance. In general, summer financial aid is limited. Students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program of study at UMD and must register for at least 6 credits or 24 graduate units to be considered. Summer aid is not available for visiting students. A visiting student should contact their home institution. UMD students who are offered summer financial aid must accept. If not, you may be canceled or withdrawn for non-payment.

Veteran/Military Benefits

Ensure that the student record reflects your Veteran status and contact For each semester or session of registration, veterans must complete a UMD VA Enrollment Certification Request form.

Tuition Remission

Tuition remission does not cover mandatory student services or other fees. Fee payment is due at the time of registration to avoid cancellation or withdrawal. UMD System employees must receive authorization from their home institution. Learn more on tuition remission.

Third Party/Sponsored Billing

This is when a private or government agency is paying any portion of your tuition or fees and they are requesting a bill from the University. See Student Financial Services—Third Party/Sponsored Billing.

Athletic Scholarship

Athletes who receive an Athletic Scholarship must be in touch with his/her Athletic Advisor to determine award amount and posting date.

Terp Payment Plan

Not available for Summer Session.

529/College Savings Plans

529/College Savings Plans do not qualify for alternative payment because of the delay in which the 529/College Savings Plan posts to the student’s account. You are required to submit immediate payment. Once the 529/College Savings Plan posts to your account, you may request a refund

Exempt Programs

Several programs are exempt from immediate payment. Contact the program to determine when payment is due. Note: This exemption only applies to registration in program courses. Students taking general Summer Session courses are not eligible for the immediate payment exemption.

Consequences for Non-Payment

While the University reserves the right to cancel or withdraw and limit enrollment for financially delinquent students, your registration may not be automatically canceled or withdrawn for non-payment of tuition and fees. In addition, failure to attend class does not result in automatic cancellation. It is the student's responsibility to avoid academic and/or financial consequences by canceling registration prior to the first day of classes.

Canceled Before the Session Begins

Students canceled for non-payment at any time before the start of the session for a given session will be blocked from future registration for Summer Session. Notification is sent to the e-mail of record. If the course is full, the seat is lost. If the course is online, all access is lost. To re-register, pre-payment is required. The re-registration process may take up to 48 business hours to complete after pre-payment has been submitted.

Students Withdrawn After the Session Begins

Students withdrawn for non-payment on or after the first day of a session for a given session will immediately lose course access. Notification is sent via the e-mail of record. To re-register, pre-payment is required. In addition, the course instructor is required to send an e-mail supporting the re-registration request. The re-registration process may take up to 48 business hours to complete after pre-payment has been submitted.

If a student does not re-register, a notation of withdrawal from the term and the effective date will post to the students official University transcript and leaves a partial or full balance due for tuition and fees depending on the date of withdrawal. To appeal for the removal of the withdrawal, an Exception to Policy must be submitted.


The University does not automatically refund a credit balance. To request a refund, see Refunds Overview—Student Financial Services.

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