Position yourself

to master the MCAT®.

UMD MCAT Preparation Program, January 9-April 3, 2019

Connect with Maryland faculty and position yourself for MCAT® success. In this unique program, University experts guide you towards mastery of the high level concepts expressed in the MCAT®. The MCAT® asks students to “think like a scientist.” With the UMD MCAT Preparation Program, you’ll experience superior instruction and acquire the necessary skills for MCAT® success. UMD MCAT Prep is open to all interested students.

This is not your ordinary MCAT® prep. In our program, you’ll read, evaluate, and critique research findings and complex problems in various disciplines. You’ll integrate and apply your fundamental knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and social science to understand cutting edge, foundational research and applied research in biomedical science. You’ll be able to understand novel and highly complex scenarios in the biomedical sciences.

UMD MCAT Prep Components

  • Ph.D. level instructional faculty in classroom and on line
  • Traditional and interdisciplinary content and applications
  • Structured student work outside of sessions to optimize student mastery and progress
  • MCAT authored review materials and guides
  • UMD faculty authored passages and questions for more practice and content coverage
  • On line question and answer chat board
  • Student directed topic coverage
  • Individual pre-med advising and review of personal statement 
  • Meets Wednesdays, January 9-April 3, 2019, 6-9 p.m., at the College Park campus

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