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UMD MCAT Preparation Program January 15-April 8, 2020

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Upcoming MCAT Information Session: October 19, 2-5 p.m., 0200 Symons Hall:

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Connect with Maryland faculty and position yourself for MCAT® success. In this unique program, University experts guide you towards mastery of the high level concepts expressed in the MCAT®. The MCAT® asks students to “think like a scientist.” With the UMD MCAT Preparation Program, you’ll experience superior instruction and acquire the necessary skills for MCAT® success. UMD MCAT Prep is open to all interested students.

This is not your ordinary MCAT® prep. In our program, you’ll read, evaluate, and critique research findings and complex problems in various disciplines. You’ll integrate and apply your fundamental knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and social science to understand cutting edge, foundational research and applied research in biomedical science. You’ll be able to understand novel and highly complex scenarios in the biomedical sciences.

UMD MCAT Prep Components

  • Ph.D. level instructional faculty
  • Traditional and interdisciplinary content and applications
  • Structured student work outside of sessions to optimize student mastery and progress
  • MCAT authored review materials and guides
  • UMD faculty authored passages and questions for more practice and content coverage
  • Online question and answer chat board
  • Student directed topic coverage
  • Individual pre-med advising and review of personal statement 
  • Meets Wednesdays, January 15-April 8, 2020, 6-9 p.m., at the College Park campus

Required Preparation

UMD MCAT Prep is valuable to students who have sufficient preparatory coursework. This program will not teach basic material but build upon it. The program is open to all interested students.

Students should have completed the following UMD courses–or their equivalents:

  • Principles of Biology 1, BSCI170/171
  • Principles of Genetics OR General Microbiology, BSCI222 or BSCI223
  • Cell Biology & Physiology, BSCI330
  • General Chemistry 1, CHEM131/132
  • Organic Chemistry 1, CHEM231/232
  • Organic Chemistry 2, CHEM241/242
  • General Chemistry 2, CHEM271/272
  • Fundamentals of Physics 1 &2, PHYS121/122 or higher

Students may be concurrently registered in (or completed):

  • Biochemistry, BCHM461 or 462, or 463
  • Mammalian Physiology, BSCI440


See UMD MCAT Prep 2020 Schedule.

  • Meets every Wednesday, January 15-April 8, 2020, at the College Park campus.
  • Classes meet 6 – 9 p.m, in room 0220, Jimenez Hall.
  • Practice work outside of class begins January 2, 2020. Students begin review of MCAT topics, and complete a full length MCAT® pre-test.
  • Throughout the spring semester, practice tests are conducted outside of class.
  • Sessions are used for faculty review of content, response to student questions, and analysis of selected MCAT questions.
  • UMD is closed March 15-22 for Spring Break. 

Learning Strategies

As a successful student you know how to study and earn high grades. The MCAT® requires some special approaches to be successfully mastered. Here are some to get your preparation off to a strong start.

  • Understand the context of your knowledge. Context allows you to apply what you know, but also helps you to better learn scientific details. 
  • You probably know a lot of basic math, physics, chemistry, and biology. The point of this knowledge in the context of medicine is to understand the foundations of biological and behavioral concepts and process. Begin now to think about the integration of all of the sciences to understand how life works.
  • MCAT® will query your basic knowledge in natural and social science in the context of a passage or a research study that you probably have no prior knowledge of. Start now to read published research papers in any area of biology or social science, and identify the basic scientific principles and processes related to the topic of the paper.


  • Dr. Joelle Presson, Assistant Dean CMNS, Director of Science in the Evening, Program Leader
  • Dr. David Buehrle, Faculty Department of Physics, UMD
  • Dr. Bonnie Dixon, Faculty Department of Chemistry, UMD
  • Dr. Michael Keller, Faculty Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics, UMD
  • Dr. Sungwon Woo, Faculty Department of Philosophy, UMD
  • Dr. Deborah Stearns, Faculty Department of Psychology, Georgetown University


Total Non-credit Course Fee: $2,000 (includes $300 non-refundable enrollment preparation fee).


Last day to Enroll: January 10.

Cancellation of enrollment by student: Cancellations received by December 15, 4:30 p.m. receive a full refund, minus the $300 non-refundable enrollment preparation fee. There are no refunds for cancellations received after this date. Requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing via email to oes@umd.edu. Include your full name and statement of cancellation.

Cancellation by UMD: The University reserves the right to cancel courses (credit and non-credit) due to insufficient enrollment or for other reasons it deems necessary. In the event of such cancellation, students will receive a 100% refund of the non-credit course fee.

How to Enroll: Open Catalog

Enrollment for UMD MCAT Prep is processed through Open Catalog, the university’s all-in-one non-credit course enrollment system that includes a payment gateway and links to ELMS, UMD’s online learning environment. ELMS provides access to static non-credit course content (syllabi, schedules, announcements, etc.) and to interactive tools (e.g., discussion groups, live chats, and online assessments). Enrollment is limited and processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Although UMD MCAT Prep is offered through face-to-face instruction, there are online elements.

UMD MCAT Prep is offered as a non-credit course. Non-credit courses do not post to the UMD transcript and do not count towards a student's academic record. Neither grade nor credit is earned. Students do not receive a University ID card and will not have access to University facilities such as recreation, transportation, and campus events. All students who enroll in UMD non-credit courses are subject to the rules, policies, and regulations found at registrar.umd.edu and www.president.umd.edu/administration/policies.

Payment is due at the time of enrollment through Open Catalog, the university’s all-in-one non-credit course enrollment system that includes a payment gateway. Open Catalog accepts Discover, American Express, MasterCard or Visa. Non-credit course enrollment is not complete until payment has been submitted. 

Current UMD Students

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Non-UMD or Former UMD Students

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  11. Access UMD MCAT Prep Non-credit Course:
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    2. Your Student Dashboard appears; select MCAT20.

Parking Information

Many un-metered campus parking lots are unrestricted after 4:00 p.m. Students taking classes that begin after 4:30 p.m. generally do not need to purchase a parking permit. Paid parking lots, garages, and meters are available should you need to come to campus before 4:00 p.m. The University does have several restricted lots for which parking permits are required at all times. Pay careful attention to the signage to avoid parking tickets. For more information, contact the Department of Transportation

Contact Information

Office of Extended Studies

Dr. Joelle Presson, Assistant Dean, CMNS

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