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Online Learning

Access Your Online Course(s)

  • Access Online Courses to get started. The course instructor must first load the online course into ELMS (which is the name of the online environment that supports most online courses at UMD). This occurs no earlier than 24-48 hours prior to the course start date. Only students who are registered and on the official class list can access the course. If you register late, it may take up to 24 hours for ELMS to give online access. If canceled or withdrawn for non-payment, you’ll lose access immediately.

Types of Online Courses

  • Asynchronous: Student is NOT required to login at a specific time. An asynchronous course will only have this notation: Class time/details on ELMS. Section number begins with "WB".
  • Synchronous: Student is required to login at a specific time. A synchronous course will indicate this information either within the course description or list a specific online meeting time. Section number begins with "WB".
  • Blended: Student is required to attend class meetings or exams on campus as well as to participate in an online element. This online element will have the notation Class time/details on ELMS or it will have a specific online meeting time. Section number begins with "HY".

Online UMD Library Usage

  • UMD Libraries extends a number of online resources and services through its website:

Guidelines for Success

  • Technology and Computer Skill Requirements
    • A computer with high-speed internet access.
    • Skill in operating a computer, navigating the internet, sending and receiving email, uploading and downloading files, opening attachments, downloading applications, and other basic skills.
  • Communication and Collaboration
    • Interaction with instructor and students may include: chat rooms, forums, threaded discussions, email, teleconferencing, video conferencing, and other.

Listing of Online Courses

Courses are listed by academic unit. Click on an individual course for class schedule information.

Course listings for Winter Session 2019 coming soon.

Courses are listed by academic unit. Click on an individual course for class schedule information.

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Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Studies

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