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Online Courses

Listing of Winter Session Online Courses

  • Courses are listed by academic unit.  Click on an individual course for schedule information. Determine if course is asynchronous, synchronous, or blended.

How to Access Online Classes

    Access Online Courses

    • The course instructor must first load the online course into ELMS (Electronic Learning Management System that supports most online courses at UMD).
    • This may not occur earlier than 24-48 hours prior to the course start date. Some course instructors may wait until the first day of class.
    • Only students who are registered and on the official class list can access the course.
    • If you register late, it may take up to 24 hours for ELMS to give online access. If canceled for non-payment, you’ll lose access immediately.

    Types of Online Courses


    • Student is NOT required to login at a specific time. An asynchronous course will only have this notation: Class time/details on ELMS. Section number begins with "WB".


    • Student is required to login at a specific time. A synchronous course will indicate this information either within the course description or list a specific online meeting time. Section number begins with "WB".


    • Student is required to attend class meetings or exams on campus as well as to participate in an online element. This online element will have the notation Class time/details on ELMS or it will have a specific online meeting time. Section number begins with "HY".

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