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Directory ID

In the Confirmation of Admission process, you must first activate the Directory ID. This is used to access University online resources such as program forms as well as to submit payment. If you did not use your U.S. Social Security number on the application, a random University number called ‘SID’ was assigned. You’ll need the SID to activate your Directory ID. To obtain this number, e-mail:

Medical Information

In the Confirmation of Admission process, you must submit the Medical Information Form. The form requests evidence of health insurance coverage and is used in the event the student requires medical attention. Should the student require such attention, s/he will be taken to the University Health Center or to the nearest hospital, depending on the severity of the injury or illness. The parent/guardian must make immediate arrangements to assume responsibility for the student’s health care. Although this form facilitates admittance, it does not permit the University to assume responsibility for a student’s health care. A student may also visit the Health Center any time during the hours of operation. The student will be billed for any services or treatment rendered.

  • Health Insurance & Medical Treatment: For medical treatment students will be taken to the Health Center located on campus. The Health Center is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Depending on the severity of the injury or illness and time of day the student may be taken to the nearest hospital. Students must bring a copy of their medical insurance card, front and back.
  • Medications: Discovery staff will not administer any medications. Students take responsibility for all medication needs and must be able to self-administer. In addition, the program does not have a medication storage location at the residence hall. Students are responsible for maintaining safe storage of their medications. Serums and medications which require refrigeration may be stored at the Health Center or a student may wish to rent a mini-refrigerator for their dorm room. For assistance with medication, it is advised that arrangements be made with the Health Center.

Campus Recreation and Wellness Services (RecWell) requires that all students submit a completed Group Fitness Program Informed Consent Form. If not submitted by the Confirmation of Admission deadline, the student will be unable to participate in program activities.

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Discovery students are subject to all the program rules and regulations. Violation of either the code is subject to immediate dismissal from the program. In the Confirmation of Admission process, both student and parent/guardian acknowledge that they have reviewed, understand, and agree to abide with the following codes:

Supervision, Curfew, and Permission to Leave Campus

Terp Discovery enforces a strict supervision policy. In the Confirmation of Admission process, both student and parent/guardian acknowledge that they have reviewed, understand, and agree to abide with the following as applicable to either residential or commuter student.

Residential Curfew Policy: Residential students are required to remain under mentor or course instructor supervision at all times. Residential students are required to be in their assigned residential room Sunday through Thursday night, 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., and Friday and Saturday night, 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Mentors conduct curfew checks. Should a student be unaccounted for, program staff immediately contact the student’s parent/guardian. Campus police will be notified. Failure to adhere to this policy is subject to immediate dismissal from the program without a refund.

Residential Permission to Leave Campus Policy: Residential students wishing to leave campus for special events, weekends, etc., must be picked-up and returned by the parent/guardian. An official leave request must be received at least 24 hours in advance and include the student’s full name, parent/guardian name, contact information, times, dates, and the reason for leaving campus. Violation of this leave policy may lead to immediate dismissal from the program. See Permission to Leave Campus Form

Commuter Policy: Commuter students are required to remain under mentor or course instructor supervision at all times. The program does not offer aftercare. Parents/guardians should plan to pick up their student by 4:30 p.m. A late fee of $25 per fifteen minutes or any part thereof will be assessed for late pick-up. Payment is due, via check or cash. Repeated late pick-ups may require withdrawal from the program.

Program Transportation and Liability Waiver Statement

In the Confirmation of Admission Process, you will verify agreement with the Program Transportation and Liability Waiver Statement.

Meal Plan and Dietary Accommodations

During the fall and spring semesters, the UMD's Dining Services offers an extensive selection to accommodate the dietary needs of over 35,000 students and staff. During Summer Term, Dining Services operates under constrained resources and offers a limited range of options and dietary accommodations. Students who require dietary accommodations must submit a request in the Confirmation of Admissions process. The program is not responsible for additional charges due to dietary accommodations. Additional charges will be billed directly to the student’s account.

  • To learn more about the meal plan and dietary accommodations, click here.
  • To submit the Dietary Accommodation Request Form, click here.

Accessibility and Disability Support Services

Students with a documented disability are eligible to receive the accommodations necessary to ensure equal access to campus programs. To receive these accommodations, you must register with the University's Accessibility and Disability Support Services. To learn more, click here. Students with temporary disabilities (broken or sprained limb, etc.), must contact the University Health Center 301-314-8180. Students with a disability seeking housing assistance must e-mail in advance to ensure proper accommodation upon arrival to campus.

Photography and Videography

Throughout the program, a photographer will take pictures of participants and a videographer may video portions of activities. In the Confirmation of Admission process, we ask whether or not Terp Scholars grant UMD permission to utilize these pictures and videos in future program promotional materials (Web and printed).

Residential Students Information

Residential students are housed in traditional-style, air-conditioned campus dormitories. Occupancy ranges from 1 to 4 persons of the same gender. Each floor accommodates either males or females. Some rooms are accessible for persons with disabilities.

  • All students have a twin bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers, and closet space.
  • There are no refrigerators, televisions, telephones, lamps, end tables, decorations, or alarm clocks.
  • Each room is complete with an activated data jack for each residential participant.
  • Rooms—bedrooms, common areas, and bathrooms—are cleaned prior to student arrival and after departure only. It is a student’s responsibility to maintain a clean living environment.
  • Students use the coin-operated laundry facilities located in or near the residential hall. You will need to bring your own detergent as well as quarters.
  • You’ll receive a regular metal key for access to your dormitory room. Keys must be returned at check-out. Lost keys or failure to return keys will result in your student account being billed $85.00.

Roommate and room assignments are made on a random basis, although we try to assign roommates according to course enrollment. Students should expect to live with a student of the same gender in a double bedroom; however, there are cases in which a student is assigned a room with no roommate. Room assignments are not announced prior to arrival. Specific roommate requests must be made in writing. Only mutual requests by students will be considered and requests are not guaranteed. Roommate requests must be sent to by June 1.

Items to Bring

  • Linen: One flat and one fitted sheet (twin-size bed), two towels, one pillow, one pillowcase, one blanket, and one bedspread.
  • Miscellaneous: Soap, toiletries; clothes hangers; alarm clock; hair dryer; towels; umbrella; dictionary; stapler and other supplies; laundry bag; detergent; desk/reading lamp; quarters for the washers and dryers; Musical instruments for Talent Show. You may wish to rent a mini-refrigerator.
  • Computers: If you bring a laptop, or any other expensive item, exercise extreme care in securing and monitoring your belongings. Back-up any information before arriving to campus and purchase insurance to cover any theft, damage, accidents, etc. The University will not be held liable and will not compensate students for any loss.
  • Prohibited Items: Toaster ovens, toasters, microwaves, candles, crock pot, popcorn maker, grills of any kind or any other items with which one cooks are considered fire hazards. The mentors monitor each room and you will be asked to remove any item that is considered to be a fire hazard.

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