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Terp Discovery Scholars select one course, learning from UMD faculty and experts in innovative fields. Courses are offered in a variety of academic disciplines and meet Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Students meet, learn, and study in the same world-class facilities enjoyed by UMD students.

Click on each of the course offerings to view the description and syllabus. Course textbooks and other requirements will be listed on the course syllabus. Textbooks may be purchased from any textbook store or an online vendor.

Please note: Courses in Terp Discovery are part of UMD’s Summer Session. Courses follow University policies and procedures and are subject to change. The University reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or for other reasons it deems necessary.

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Changing Courses

Students have until June 20, 4:30 p.m., to change your course selection if the course has space. Send your request to discovery@umd.edu and include:

  • Student full name,
  • Current course information, and
  • New course request.

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