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Introduction to Interpreting and Translation

EXST022: An Introduction to Interpreting and Translation

Do you speak a second language? Are you curious about careers where your passion for languages will come in handy? Consider translation and interpreting! If you speak a second language other than English at home, or have learned a second language at school, then you are probably already interpreting and translating for family members or friends.

During these two weeks, you will take the first steps to strengthen your translation skills and explore career fields available for bilingual speakers. Our workshop will integrate theory into practice, offering you the opportunity to experience the life of a conference interpreter and understand the extensive work behind translation. You will have the opportunity to work with a real-life conference interpreter and student teaching assistants who specialize in the field of translation and interpreting. You will also receive personalized instruction from our English fluency and public speaking experts to help you polish your presentation skills as well as analyze and understand speeches from a linguist’s perspective.

Requirements: Participants will be required to have a strong command of English and another foreign language and an interest in translation and interpreting.

For course meeting times, click here. To view a sample course syllabus, click here. Enrollment limit: 20.

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