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Public Speaking and Debate

EXST010: An Introduction to Public Speaking and Debate

You have ideas. You have things to say. Wouldn't you want to master presenting them? If so, join us for an exciting two-week adventure in which you will learn to speak and argue for your position in front of an audience. You will learn how to prepare, organize and deliver a speech or a presentation for a topic of your choice. You will practice delivery skills and interacting with your audience and master the basics of working with visual aids and incorporating technology into a presentation.

We will make things ever more exciting by teaching you to argue and debate. Just so that next time you have a request or you want to influence your parents or your friends, you will know how to make a convincing argument. Throughout the program, you will learn what an argument is, how to develop one, and how to argue with another person in a structured format such as a debate. Your experience doesn't stop here. Throughout these two weeks you will receive personalized attention by working not only with the course instructor but also with student teaching assistants with experience in public speaking and a lot of knowledge to share. You will benefit from the vast resources the university campus has to offer, enhance your research skills, and meet professionals who work in communication-related positions in the DC area. Are you ready to let your voice be heard? For course meeting times, click here. To view a sample course syllabus, click here. Enrollment limit: 20.

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