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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the check-in & welcome session? Please click here.

Is attendance mandatory for all the program activities? All students are required to attend their course and the afternoon workshops.

Is attendance mandatory for the evening and weekend events? Residential students are required to attend all scheduled program-related activities. Commuter students are to be picked up daily prior to the start of the evening activities. Upon the completion of the program, we ask students to complete a survey. Over the past several years, these surveys demonstrate that those students who fully participated in the scheduled events were the ones with the highest satisfaction rating.

What happens if I become ill? Please click here.

What University rules and regulations apply during this program? Please click here.

How do I change my course choice before the program begins? Please click here.

How do I purchase my textbooks? Please click here.

How do I activate my directory ID and password? Please click here.

Are there accommodations for students with disabilities? Please click here.

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