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Payment Information

Payment Information

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Payment Due Dates

Payment due dates are determined by the date of a student's admission into Terp Discovery. Should payment not post by the due dates below, program admission will be canceled and you may lose your seat if the course is full.

Admitted into Terp Discovery Payment Deadlines
February 19 - April 18 April 20
April 19 - May 18 May 20
May 19 - June 18 June 20

Payment Options

You must have completed the Confirmation of Admission process which includes confirming the student directory id and password in order to submit payment.

Step #1: Determine Your Account Balance

Step #2: Select Your Payment Method

A service fee will be assessed for all credit and debit card transactions. There is NO service fee for ACH (electronic check) payments. See Payment Overview—Student Financial Services. Please note that Terp Payment Plan and 529/College Savings Plan are not available for Summer Session, which includes Pre-College Programs.

Step #3: Submit Payment

  • See Make A Payment.
  • In this box, you can use “Click here if you are paying a student account without a login.”


For deadlines associated with program or course cancellation, click here. Definitions and concomitant consequences appear below. Cancellation requests must be received in writing. Send the request via email, containing student name and UID #, to discovery@umd.edu.

Program Cancellation:

  • Cancellation of program participation on or before June 20.
  • Program registration will be canceled.
  • Receive a 100% refund for course tuition, the campus student services fee, and the program fee.


The University does not automatically refund a credit balance. To request a refund, see Refunds Overview—Student Financial Services.

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