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along with your horizons.

Explore your interests in greater detail.

Choose one three-credit course from a wide array of dynamic options that are taught by the same award-winning faculty who challenge and teach UMD students. To view the course description, click on the link below. For a printable list of all the courses and descriptions, click here.


School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

•  Discovering Architecture


College of Arts and Humanities

•  Media, Persuasion, and Public Speaking

•  Philosophy: The Art of Thinking

•  Creative Writing


College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

•  International Political Relations

•  American Government

•  Social Psychology

•  Mock Trial

•  Forensic Sciences

•  Archaeology

•  Economics: Thinking like an Economist


The Robert H. Smith School of Business

•  Business: How Do Innovators Think?


School of Engineering

•  Biopharmaceutical Production

•  Engineering Design

•  Introduction to Materials and their Applications

•  Fire Protection Engineering


College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

•  Environmental Biology

•  Computer Science: A Hands Off Approach

•  Computer Programming via the Web


College of Journalism

•  Introduction to Mass Communication


School of Public Health

•  Kinesiology (Movement & The Human Body)


Honors College

•  Mobile Media Design and Culture

Courses are part of the University’s Summer Term, follow University policies and procedures, and are subject to change. The University reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or for other reasons it deems necessary.



Textbook requirements are posted by the instructor, usually three weeks prior to the course start date. Your course may or may not require a textbook, and you will need to periodically check the link below to see if the instructor has posted a textbook.

• Visit: www.testudo.umd.edu

• Select Schedule of Classes

• Select Summer Term

• Select Course Listing 

• Select the course/department acronym, e.g., ARCH for Architecture.

• Find the course you are registered for with the section number of "YS41" or "YS42"

• Select Books

Textbooks may be purchased from any textbook store or online vendor. Or, you can visit the University Book Center, located on campus.



You have until June 20, 4:30 p.m., to change your course selection if the course has space. A request must be sent to ysp@umd.edu and include:

• Your full name and University ID # (not your SS#)

• Your current course information, and

• Your new course request.

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