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Confirmation Process

There are four steps to the Confirmation of Admission process. The process must be completed by the posted deadlines or the offer of admission will be rescinded and you may lose your seat if the course is full. Please refer to Policies and Procedures for specific information. Submission verifies that you and your parent/guardian (if you are under 18) have read, understand, and agree with each of points below.

  1. Activate Directory ID
    If you did not provide a SSN on the application, please contact our office to receive information to activate your student's directory ID.
  2. Submit Dietary Accommodation Request Form (optional)
  3. Submit Program Acknowledgement Form.
    1. Group Fitness Program Informed Consent Form
    2. Student Conduct, Academic Integrity, Student Rights
    3. Permission to Leave Campus Policy
    4. Campus ID & Photo ID Overview
    5. Meal Plan and Dietary Accommodations Requirements
    6. Program Transportation and Liability Waiver
    7. Accessibility and Disability Support Services
    8. Email
    9. Grade and Transcripts
    10. Photography and Videography
  4. Submit Payment

Program Confirmation Deadlines

Admitted into Terp Scholars

Confirmation Process Deadline

February 19 - April 18

April 20

April 19 - May 18

May 20

May 19 - June 18

June 20

On or after June 19

Within 48 hours of admission

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