Terp Young Scholars

Confirmation of Admission

Confirmation of Admission

Terp Young Scholars is committed to the safety and health of our community. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Terp Young Scholars will run 100% online for summer 2020. To see the new Terp Young Scholars online program package fee, visit our Tuition and Fees page.


Stay updated with the University of Maryland's response to COVID-19 on the COVID-19 Update and Resource website.


Admitted into Terp Young Scholars

Confirmation Deadline

Payment Deadlines

February 19 - April 18

April 20

April 20

April 19 - May 18

May 20

May 20

May 19 - June 18

June 20

June 20

On or after June 19

Within 48 hours of admission

Within 48 hours of admission

Confirmation Process

The Confirmation of Admission is a three-step process. It must be completed by the posted deadlines or the offer of admission will be rescinded and you may lose your seat if the course is full. Submission verifies that both parent/guardian and student (if under 18) have read, understand, and agree with each of the steps that follow. The process is complete when Steps 1 - 4 have been submitted.

Step 1: Setup UMD Accounts

  1. Activate Directory ID
    • The Directory ID (and password) is used to access all UMD systems.
    • If you did not provide a SSN on the Terp Young Scholars application, contact our office via email at tys@umd.edu. Provide your full name and UID# (provided in your Terp Young Scholars acceptance letter) to receive information to activate the Directory ID.
  2. Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication
    • In addition to the Directory ID and password, students use Multi-Factor Authentication to access UMD systems.
    • For complete instructions, see How to Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication.
    • If you need assistance, contact the UMD Division of Information Technology at 301-405-1500 and reference the UID # provided in your Terp Young Scholars acceptance letter.
  3. Review UMD Student Account Information
    • Verify that your UMD student information, including Name, DOB, and student email are correct.
  4. Get to know your University Identification Number (UID):
    • 9-digit number that appears in your Terp Young Scholars acceptance letter. It is also printed on the UMD Student ID card which you’ll get at orientation. Always include the UID when communicating with faculty or staff, since this is the best and quickest way to find your record in any UMD system.

Step 2: Submit Program Acknowledgement Form

In the Program Acknowledgement Form you will agree to the following policies:

  1. Group Fitness Program Informed Consent
  2. Student Conduct, Academic Integrity, Student Rights
    • Code of Student Conduct
    • Code of Academic Integrity
    • Declaration of Student Rights
  3. Understanding of Grade and Credits Policy
  4. Photography and Videography Consent

Step 3: Submit Recorded Video Acknowledgement

  • Online synchronous course meetings may be recorded. When sessions are being recorded instructors will verbally announce the recording. Recorded material will be accessible to and only used by students enrolled in that course via the course's secure ELMS page. Recorded material is designed to assist students with studying and accessibility and disability accommodation.

Step 4: Submit Payment

Optional—Register for Accessibility and Disability Service

  • Students with a documented disability are eligible to receive the accommodations necessary to ensure equal access to campus programs. To receive these accommodations, you must register.
  • Appointments for ADS accommodations fill quickly for summer sessions. We recommend contacting ADS as soon as you receive program acceptance.

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