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Terp Scholars are responsible for making choices and organizing their time as part of exploring the independence of university life. The Terp Young Scholars commuter package is designed for independent students who will self-advocate and actively engage with their TYS peers and community. Commuter Terp Scholars receive supervision by course instructors and teaching assistants in the classrooms, and seminar and workshop instructors during these events. All Terp Young Scholars courses are taught by University of Maryland world-class faculty and staff. Should commuter students remain on campus to complete course assignments, participate in study groups, afternoon, evening, and weekend activities, undergraduate mentors provide overall supervision (15:1 student staff ratio) at both the residence hall and program events. All mentors are complete federal and state child protective services and criminal background checks. Commuter Terp Scholars are expected to:

  • Arrive and depart the University without supervision,
  • Attend class and eat lunch without supervision,
  • Walk to and from class and all scheduled campus activities without supervision, 
  • Complete all course-related work without supervision, and
  • Seek academic support from course staff, including instructors and teaching assistants.

To help Terp Scholars acclimate to the University of Maryland campus, program mentors escort students to class and meals for the first three days (July 8- July 10). To take advantage of this opportunity, commuter students must meet program mentors at the Terp Young Scholars’ residence hall at least 30 minutes prior to course start time.

Activities and Events 

In addition to innovative courses, Terp Young Scholars also offers afternoon, evening, and weekend activities that provide a glimpse of UMD’s rich campus life. For an overview, see Sample Activity Calendar.

  • Campus Tours include visits to the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Campus Farm, UMD Observatory and Neutral Buoyancy and Robotics Labs.
  • Workshops feature an Undergraduate Admissions presentation, Art and Learning Center drawing and printmaking classes, and fitness workshops lead by University Recreation & Wellness, including Zumba, Yoga, and Bodycombat. 
  • Social activities include a weekend day-trip to Washington, D.C., pool parties, mixers, ice cream social (with UMD ice cream), movies, and more.

Commuter Terp Scholars are encouraged to attend and participate to the fullest. Commuter Terp Scholars should make an effort to stay late or return to campus to enjoy evening and weekend activities. Upon completion of the program, we ask students to complete a survey. Over the years, these surveys demonstrate that those students who fully participated in the scheduled events were the ones with the highest satisfaction rating.

Residence Hall

Commuter students have access to the Terp Young Scholars’ residence hall for the purpose of study groups and community building activities. Commuter students are not permitted to spend the night or store belongings in the residence hall.

Dining Services

The commuter student package includes lunch, Monday–Friday, available at various on-campus eateries. If your course has a scheduled all-day field trip, lunch is also provided.

Students who require dietary accommodations will submit a request after admission.

Kosher: The Maryland Hillel is not operational during Summer Term.  Dining Services supplies a limited selection of Kosher pre-packaged airplane-style meals. Kosher meals are delivered to the designated Dining Hall. Commuter students must eat lunch in the dining hall to receive accommodation.   Dining Services cannot accommodate Kosher needs that are vegetarian or dairy-free. 


The program package fee does not include a parking permit. To park on campus, students must have a valid permit. Campus parking regulations are strictly enforced at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The University's Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) uses a License Plate Recognition system. Enforcement officers scan license plates and, if the plate is not listed in the database for that parking lot, a ticket will be issued. After admission to the program, students can purchase a summer II parking permit from the UMD Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) website

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