Terp Young Scholars

July 12-31, 2020


ECON181: Putting a Price on the Environment

Online Instruction Details—Synchronous Instruction: 75%, Asynchronous Instruction: 25%

Note: In addition to the synchronous meeting times, this course also involves asynchronous material that students will need to access and complete on their own time.

How does society balance the benefits of environmental protection and preservation against the costs? Though some might say that the environment is priceless, economists recognize that every action involves trade-offs. This course investigates sustainability through comparing costs and benefits. From this perspective, other questions arise: How can we design policies that incentivize sustainable choices? Why might usual market functioning fail to achieve sustainability? Do we need to put a price on the environment in order to protect it? How do we measure an economy's "success"? This course explores the answers to these and other related questions from an economist's perspective.

Technical Requirements: The virtual classroom is a dynamic space, visit our Technical Requirements page to confirm you have the necessary technology to be successful in this online course.

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