Terp Young Scholars

July 12-31, 2020


ARCH150: Introduction to Architecture - Discovering Architecture

If you dream of designing buildings, bridges, or parks, discover the possibilities in this hands-on course. This hands-on course is designed to assist you in making an intelligent choice about a possible career in architecture. You will learn about careers in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. Get the chance to meet successful architects, go on guided tours of architectural landmarks, and learn basic design principles that you'll use to complete your own design project. You will work on your active learning design projects in the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation’s design studio environment and interact with graduate students in architecture while getting a taste of what it's like to be an architecture student. Experience creative, innovative ways to view the world through architectural design thinking.

Note: All drawing supplies and tools are provided in the Studio Package Fee described below.

ARCH150 Studio Supply Package Fee: $110. Students are assessed the Studio Supply Package fee which covers the following: T-square; adjustable triangle; pencil sharpener; metal straight edge; tracing paper for draft design layouts; architectural scale; Sobo® white glue; self-healing cutting mat; white eraser; X-acto® knife with blades; Pentel Sign®, or thin nib Sharpie® pens; sketchbook, plain paper; assorted pencils; cardboard sheets; and white cardboard sheets.

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