Terp Young Scholars

July 7-26, 2019

Computer Science

CMSC198Q: Making Your Own Video Games: An Introduction to Programming and Computing

This course provides an introduction to computing and programming.  Students will learn the difference between a programmer and a well-trained software developer. The major goal of this course is to introduce students to the complexities of developing solid software and the principles of systematic problem solving through programming and the basic rules of computation.

This course exposes students to the fundamental techniques of program design: the study of systematic thought, planning, and universally useful problem-solving skills applied in the setting of programming and computation. While taking this course will not make someone a great programmer, you cannot become a great programmer without mastering these skills. Course Prerequisite: Students must complete high school Algebra I before enrolling in this course. No prior programming experience is required.

Laptop Requirement: Due to course content, this course requires students to bring a laptop to class. Chromebooks do not run the specific software used in this course. Students can bring their own personal computers to campus or rent a computer or tablet through the University of Maryland Library’s Equipment Loan Program

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