Terp Young Scholars

July 7-26, 2019

Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

IDEA210: Designing Your Own Sustainable Future

This hands-on, project-based course tackles the intersection of environment, technology and business to develop sustainable solutions to pressing environmental problems. Students work in teams, use design thinking, and other human-centered methods to address real-world design challenges for the course’s partner organization. Students are tasked with delivering a prototype solution and recommendations for solution implementation to the course partner.

Does thinking about climate change, overpopulation, a rising carbon footprint, and other major sustainability challenges make you feel dispirited and overwhelmed? What if you could reframe these challenges into actionable opportunities? Discover and build your creativity, innovation and business skills with sustainability as the driving force in this hands-on, experiential course.

Throughout the class, you will conduct human-centered interviews in the field; synthesize information to identify hidden opportunities within problems; build prototypes of “what might be”; and become more comfortable navigating ambiguity. As you deepen your understanding of design as a tool for change, you will learn how to motivate and empower people to adopt more sustainable behaviors. And, you will integrate entrepreneurial methods into shaping your college and career journey towards a more sustainable future.

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