Terp Young Scholars

July 7-26, 2019


ENES100: Introduction to Engineering Design

This course introduces you to engineering and the engineering design process. While working in teams to design, build, test, and analyze a number of challenging robotics-oriented projects, you will learn fundamental engineering analysis methods and how to apply them using software packages. Communication skills are an important part of the design process, and you will present your designs to fellow participants as well as faculty from the School of Engineering. Teams also use their creative and technical talents to develop their own unique team Web site. In addition to the robotics projects, you will build a sensing device to remotely measure temperature, program the acquisition system to take the measurements, and, finally, analyze the data that is recorded. You will be introduced to the various departments of the School of Engineering and have the opportunity to talk to faculty and students, tour facilities, participate in laboratory demonstrations, and get detailed information about the discipline.

Course Prerequisite: Students must complete (or be currently enrolled in) high school chemistry and algebra II before enrolling in this course.

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