Terp Young Scholars

July 12-31, 2020

Biological Sciences

BSCI279E: Environmental Biology

Online Instruction Details—Synchronous Instruction: 75%, Asynchronous Instruction: 25%

Note: In addition to the synchronous meeting times, this course also involves asynchronous material that students will need to access and complete on their own time.

The environment is in the news almost daily—global warming, toxic waste, oil spills, and loss of biodiversity. How can you understand these complex topics? What is the basis for your own behaviors and decisions regarding the environment? The science of environmental biology can help you make sense of the natural world around you and your impact on it. BSCI279E will explore adaptation and natural selection; organismic, population, community, and ecosystem ecology; and human impact on natural systems.

Technical Requirements: The virtual classroom is a dynamic space, visit our Technical Requirements page to confirm you have the necessary technology to be successful in this online course.

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