Terp Young Scholars

July 12-31, 2020


PSYC221: Social Psychology

Online Instruction Details—Synchronous Instruction: 50%, Asynchronous Instruction: 50%

Note: In addition to the synchronous meeting times, this course also involves asynchronous material that students will need to access and complete on their own time.

This course looks closely at the influence of social factors on the individual and on interpersonal behavior. Topics such as conformity, attitude change, person perception, interpersonal attraction, and group behavior will be discussed.  Students in this class will study the psychology of persons and their relationships with others and with groups and with society as a whole. This class will also look at macrosocial phenomena (e.g. social class) as they relate to the attitudes and behavior of individuals. Of special concern to psychological sociologists is how to explain a variety of demographic, social, and cultural facts in terms of human social interaction. Some of the major topics in this field are social inequality, group dynamics, social change, socialization, and social identity.

Course supplies: This course utilizes TurningPoint for student polling.  To participate in a TurningPoint web poll, you will need to have a TurningPoint account. Once you have an account, to participate in a TurningPoint web poll, you will need the TurningPoint app on your mobile device, or you can log in to ttpoll.com on a web enabled device, and enter the Session ID provided by your instructor. For assistance with TurningPoint registration contact the University of Maryland Division of Information Technology at 301-405-1500 or itsupport@umd.edu.

Technical Requirements: The virtual classroom is a dynamic space, visit our Technical Requirements page to confirm you have the necessary technology to be successful in this online course.

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