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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my course choice before the program begins?

How do I activate my directory ID/password and UM email account?

How do I purchase my textbooks?

Are there accommodations for students with disabilities?

Should I bring a laptop computer?

How are roommate assignments made?

In addition to sheets and towels, what items should I bring?

What items may I not bring?

How much spending money should I bring?
The program package fee covers most course expenses as well as most meals. About $25 per week should cover incidental expenses (e.g., gifts, snacks, one Sunday lunch, toiletries). Books and other supplies are not included in the package price unless specified.

Is transportation provided to and from the airport?
Students make their own arrangements for transportation to and from the airport of choice. Airport shuttle services may be obtained from the following Web sites: www.airportshuttles.com or www.shuttlefare.com

What is the check-in & orientation session?

Is attendance mandatory for all the program activities? 

The following activities are mandatory for commuter and residential students:

  • Orientation Day
  • Undergraduate Admissions Presentation

All other TYS activities are optional since students will be balancing academic responsibilities in addition to all co-curricular activities. Your program package—residential or commuter—underwrites the costs of all scheduled program-related activities. This fee is charged whether or not you attend any activities. We do not pro-rate based on activity attendance. Upon the completion of the program, we ask students to complete a survey. The results consistently demonstrate that those students who participated in the scheduled events and activities were the ones with the highest satisfaction rating.

What should all participants have with them on a daily basis?
You must carry your UMD ID card and a photo ID at all times. Visit the policies section for additional information on ID and campus policies.

What rules and regulations apply during this program?

What happens if I become ill?

What about mail?
Address all mail as follows: 

Student Name: Summer Guest
University of Maryland
Denton Hall, Room #
3845 Stadium Dr.
College Park, MD 20742

Students must go to the Service Desk to check the message board or ask a staff member at the desk about mail.

Will my room be cleaned daily?
Rooms are cleaned before students' arrival and after departure only. You can request basic cleaning supplies, or report any cleanliness issues upon move-in at the Service Desk or to your mentors. Before checking out, you are expected to remove all trash to the outside receptacles.

Can I do laundry?

What if I have a problem with a roommate or suitemate?
You need to muster the courage to first discuss the problem with your roommate or suitemate. If you can't resolve the issue(s), you should speak to your mentor, who will help. If you do not bring any issues to the attention of our staff, we cannot help make your stay an enjoyable experience.

May I be away from the dormitory overnight?

Is there a curfew for residential students?

How do I access my grade?

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