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After completing Confirmation of Admission Terp Scholars will receive access to the Terp Young Scholars Pre-Orientation Elms page. Pre- Orientation includes an overview of the Terp Young Scholars- Online program, an introduction to being an online Terp Scholar, information about the University of Maryland, and tips for academic success.

Terp Young Scholars can access the Terp Young Scholars Pre-Orientation Elms page by navigating to the the Elms Homepage (elms.umd.edu), logging in, and then selecting “EXST001- the Terp Young Scholars Pre-Orientation from the “Courses” menu.


Courses may or may not require a textbook. Textbook requirements are posted by the instructor at least three weeks prior to the course start date. All students are responsible for obtaining their own course materials. Textbooks may be purchased from any textbook store or online vendor. Textbook costs are not included in the Terp Young Scholars online program package fee.

To access if your course requires a textbook, follow the steps outlined below: 

  • Visit: testudo.umd.edu
  • Select Schedule of Classes
  • Select Summer Session
  • Select Course Listing
  • Select the course/department acronym, e.g. ARCH for Architecture.
  • Find the course you are registered for with the section number of "YS41" or "YS42"
  • Select Books

The UMD bookstore is an independently run company at the University. When students rent books from the UMD bookstore it is a contract with Barnes & Noble and not the University. In the rental agreement, the Bookstore reserves the right to refuse rental book returns if the book is not in good condition. TYS students are responsible for any books they purchase or rent from the bookstore and our office cannot intercede with the Bookstore regarding their rental book policy. 

    Accessibility and Disability Service (ADS)

    The Accessibility and Disability Service (ADS) provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals to ensure equal access to services, programs and activities sponsored by the University of Maryland.

    To receive accommodations, you must have a documented disability and register with ADS before the start of the program. It is advised that you begin the process as soon as you receive admission to Terp Young Scholars (TYS).

    Below are examples of how the most common accommodations are implemented for online courses. Note, this is not an exhaustive list.

    • Extended Time for Exams, Quizzes, and Assessments
    • Note Taking and Audio Recording: ADS offers two options for note taking; peer note taking and Sonocent audio note taking. Depending on a student’s disability and study preferences, one option may be a better fit than the other.
    • Sign Language Interpreting and Transcribing: ADS can provide sign language interpreting and transcription in synchronous and asynchronous lectures. Synchronous lectures and discussions can be accommodated via remote sign language interpreters or remote TypeWell transcribers. Remote interpreting and transcribing may also be arranged for virtual office hour meetings.
    • Alternative Text Format: Many students require online content (e.g., ELMS page, documents, articles, textbooks) in an alternative format (e.g., audio files, large print versions, electronic braille or braille printouts, etc.). ADS offers alternate text service for converting required printed course materials into electronic formats that are accessible.

    To receive ADS services, follow these steps:

    1. Call the Accessibility & Disability Service to schedule a registration interview (301-314-7682).
    2. Provide documentation that verifies your disability.
      For more information, visit UMD's Accessibility & Disability Service (ADS) website.

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